Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Priorities Sometimes Change

Life at times takes twists and turns that even when forecast and expected; sometimes cause you to take a step back and re-evaluate priorities. In a post a while back I talked of my Father-in-Law. My wife and I have been care-givers to her parents for the past several years. In July 2008, the family made a decision to bring my father-in-law home from a re-habilitation hospital when doctors said he had taken a turn for the worse and told us they did not expect him to live more than 72 hours. My mother-in-law and other family wanted him to be with family and at home in his final hours.

My father-in-law is a product of the great depression, WWII, 32 years as a firefighter with the LAFD and a happy, productive, giving 88 years. He is a fighter and not one to give up easily. He re-bounded last July and for a period of time got strong enough to get out of bed daily and sit at the dinner table and talk about his life. The days, weeks, and months have been a roller coaster with highs and lows. Each high a little lower and each low a little lower. Over the past six days he has drifted away but is refusing to give up his fight for life.

Family members have been in and out of the house, Hospice and friends all stopping by to offer help and support. Daily life goes on as best it can but it is taking its toll on us all. Thus, my ability to sit and write about the goings on in San Diego, the City and Police Department are virtually non-existent. I have tried several times while sitting with my father-in-law to put my thoughts to words but find my mind refusing to cooperate. I can't seem to get my mind to wrap around the problems, issues and concerns when my real priority is my family.

In a short period of time my father-in-law's body will no longer cooperate with his will to live and he will pass and take his seat in heaven. Until that time, my priority will be my wife, mother and father-in-law and other family members. I will post brief up-dates on a daily basis to let you all know when to expect my rants to continue. There is much I have in my mind to rant about. But it will take a back seat to more important issues today.

Be safe.