Saturday, May 9, 2009

Can it be fixed?

How do you know something needs to be fixed? Do you to try to use it; find it's not doing what it is suppose to do, before you can fix it? Can you fix it if you don't know it's broken? What if you know it's broken, but don't want anyone to know it's broken; can you fix it without anyone knowing? Maybe just keep quiet and hope no one notices? Maybe it will fix itself?

Experience tells me before you can fix it; you have to acknowledge it's broken. When what you have is wanted and needed by everyone; admitting it's broken is sometimes hard to do. So how do you get management to acknowledge it's broken and begin to fix it, when the owner is telling everyone, it is fine?

What if you have a big project coming due; you know it's broken; the higher ups down play the need to fix it; the customer is floating along thinking everything is fine and a deadline looming; when at the golden hour; you can't deliver the goods because it's broken?

Does it matter what IT is? IT is broken and refusing to acknowledge that fact will NOT make the problem (IT being broken). Who will step up and tell the truth; explain how and why IT is broken; and provide an HONEST account of WHEN IT will be fixed enough, to do what IT is truly suppose to do?

What is IT ?

Friday, May 8, 2009

Who’s Paying Attention Out There?

I'm sitting here this morning having just finished my 1st cup of coffee and wondering who out there is really paying attention? I think sometimes when you are so close to a situation you don't see what is going on around you. I'm one of those that find it difficult to turn my mind off (I'm sure some of you noticed I didn't say brain) when I lay down at night to go to sleep. I have a tendency to think about all the things I want to write or say and often try and think of solutions to problems that constantly nag in the back of my mind.

Music tends to have a soothing effect that will at times numb my thoughts and allow me to begin to drift off to sleep; last night not so much. Since I began my blog I have interacted with many people, most if not all; active, retired or former members of the San Diego Police Department. As you would guess, 99% of them have voiced positive feedback and shared their utter dismay at the actions of the mayor. I have heard from several retired ranking members of the department, retired civilian employees, many retired and active rank-and-file members who all shared their experiences in one way or another with our former chief, now mayor. I've got to tell you, I was shocked and amazed to discover the level of contempt people have when speaking of the mayor.

As I was thinking of the conversations and e-mail exchanges, I began to wonder if anyone else was paying attention. I know you have the occasional article in the voiceofsandiego; the op Ed pieces in the Union Tribune; and the babble on local talk radio; centered on the mayor and his actions on behalf of the citizens of San Diego. I don't think the general taxpaying public really understands what is going on in the city. When you watch the news at night (Pick ANY channel) all you get is talking heads who read what is often printed in the Union Tribune. I know the Union Tribune, as recently as this week, changed hands and I have to wonder if the content will change to. I find it shameful the only newspaper in town is written at a sixth grade level and by those who harbor an agenda. What I find more painful is a purported "news reporting" entity, like the Union Tribune, has for years refused to report factually and without bias, the true goings-on in the City of San Diego.

When the people of San Diego have only the Union Tribune as their conduit for information regarding what goes on locally around them; add to the mix, every news reporting television station in San Diego is simply reading the Union Tribune on their daily newscast; and the talking heads on local talk radio stations simply taking their cues from the headlines in the Union Tribune; why would any of us, for a nano-second, believe the citizens of San Diego actually understand what is happening to the San Diego Police Department?

Yesterday I was perusing a list someone had compiled of those people who had announced in some manner or fashion they are retiring before June 30. This list was brought to me by a 30 year veteran, who was anguishing over the thought of having to add their name to this list because of the latest contract imposed upon those who protect and serve the citizens of San Diego. The discussion turned to, "Are you leaving?" I replied, "I don't know; I really don't want to." I asked, "Are you leaving?" This person replied, "I don't know; I don't want to either, but I don't think I have a choice." This seems to be the theme as you walk around Headquarters. These discussions are between those who all have over 28 years experience. Then came the question, "How many actual years of service do you think will be walking out the door by June 30, 2009?" I thought for a second and realized the number was going to be staggering, but also wondered if anyone cared.

How can people care about something they have no knowledge of? How can people care about the dire effects of the dismantling of a police department when the information they are provided is contrary to reality? Why would the average person think there was a crisis looming if when they read the newspaper or watched the news on TV, there is no reporting of the fact, over 100 officers from the rank of assistant chief to patrolman, with an average 27+ years service as a sworn police officers, were all walking out the door in the span of the next 50 days?

What would the public's reaction be if they were made aware of the facts surrounding the exodus of officers from the San Diego Police Department? I have often said the only time the public reacts to anything, is for them to be personally affected. If the public was provided with the fact the department is losing an assistant chief with 33 years experience; a captain with 31 years experience; 2 lieutenants with a combined 65 years experience; approximately 12 detective sergeants (This number may climb to as many as 15) with a combined 372 years experience; 21 patrol sergeants with a combined 621 years experience; approximately 24 detectives; of which 21 are in specialized investigative units, who have a combined 698 years experience; 3 agents with a combined 92 years experience; and as of today, 33 police officers which includes; 2 K-9 officers, 6 motor officers, and 6 administrative officers, with a combined 814 years experience; would they understand the magnitude of the loss?

If the public was also given the information the San Diego Police Department has a, "Budgeted" strength of 2127; with only 1973 filled positions; 200 of these officers NOT available for various reasons (Extended Sick, Terminal, Industrial, Military, Civil Service leaves; Long Term Disability; Light Duty) leaving an available police force (Including Chiefs, Captains, Lieutenants) of 1755 Sworn Police Officers to police a City this size would they care? Would the public understand come June 30, 2009, with the additional loss of over 100 of the Department's most experienced officers, the Police Department would have approximately 1650 sworn, able bodied police officers to police this City and provide for their safety?

The uninformed, complacent, naysayers will downplay any crisis. Spin cycles will work overtime pumping up the 98 recruits in the academy and more to come. Don't confuse fact with fiction they will tell you. Fact; 44 recruits (IF, they all graduate) will enter "Field Training" in early August; the FIRST "new" officers coming out of the Academy. Fact; these 44 recruits will not be functioning officers for six to ten months as they learn the basics of police work. Fact; the next group of recruits (24) will not enter field training until November, followed by an additional thirty (30) in late January. If, and that is a very big if, 90% of these recruits complete field training, we add 90 un-experienced officers to the ranks of an already grossly understaffed police department that will have lost over 225 officers in the span of ONE year.

Who is going to fill the vacancies left from those retiring? When those vacancies are filled, who will fill the void in the uniformed ranks of those stepping into the vacant investigative and supervisory positions? Who will be the first casualty because of the inability of officers to respond in a timely manner due to the "Doing more with less" mentality of a City Government lead by this mayor?

Who's paying attention out there????

Mayor Finds Time for American Idol

OK… So the other day the mayor did not think it important to honor fallen police officers by attending the Police Memorial. But he finds it important to appear at Mount Carmel High School for Adam Lambert; American Idol contestant, who graduated from Mount Carmel in 2000. Someone please explain the importance of this event; requiring the attendance of the mayor. Don't get me wrong; I am a huge fan of Adam; I had the pleasure of watching him grow at Mt. Carmel. My daughter attended school with Adam and played in the orchestra that supported the many musicals Adam performed in. But really….

So the mayor finds it appropriate to make Friday, May 8, 2009, Adam Lambert day? What about recognizing the 100+ officers of the San Diego Police Department who have given 30+ years service to the citizens of San Diego?? What recognition are they receiving???

The priorities of this mayor are so out of sync with the communities needs. The mayor continues to show who and what he is made of by his actions. I can't wait to hear Pudgil or Liang's press release on this.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Snippets and Random Questions

The mayor was noticeably absent at the Police Officer Memorial. What was more important than honoring those who have given their lives to protect the citizens of San Diego? What would take priority over such an important day in Law Enforcement that would prevent a past Chief of Police from attending? These are after all rhetorical questions posed by many who were in attendance. Maybe he knew he was not welcome?

Last night I talked about the mayor eliminating DROP from the Captains of the San Diego Police Department. I shared the comments of the mayor's spokesperson Rachel Laing, as she attempted to justify allowing San Diego Fire and Rescue Management to maintain DROP. Liang said, "Rank and file firefighters work 24 hour shifts, 10 days a month. To become management, they shift to a traditional five day, 40 hours week. These managers may not earn more pay because they can no longer earn overtime as managers."

I keep going over this attempt at justification for the mayor's actions. I find myself shaking my head and talking to myself. Who does the mayor think he is kidding? Did the mayor really approve this statement? A Fire Fighter promoted into the management ranks will work a, "traditional five day, 40 hour week" and "may not earn more pay because they can no longer earn overtimes." I will assume for argument sake these 10 managers will work more than the stated 40 hours and not receive overtime.

The San Diego Police Department has thirteen (13) Captains who work a "traditional five day, 40 hour week." These Captains DO NOT EARN MORE PAY BECAUSE THEY CAN NO LONGER EARN OVERTIME AS CAPTAINS!!! The typical Captain for the San Diego Police Department will work 50-60 hours a week attending community meetings; responding to incidents within his/her command; attending line-ups and monitoring the activities of their command around the clock. These Captains are "on-call" 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The San Diego Police Department has six (6) Chief's who work a "traditional five day, 40 hour week." These Chiefs DO NOT EARN MORE PAY BECAUSE THEY CAN NO LONGER EARN OVERTIME AS CHIEFS!!! The Chief's for the San Diego Police Department routinely work 50-60 hours a week attending community meetings, meeting with civic groups, business groups and individuals; responding to incidents city-wide and representing the Police Department and City at various functions. The Chief's routinely arrive for work at or around 0530 hours (that's 5:30 AM) and begin discussing incidents from the prior day and planning for known events of the day. The Chief's will leave their offices after 1700 hours (5:00 PM) putting in 12 hour days routinely. If they have evening events or meetings these days can stretch into 15-16 hour days. This is ALL without receiving a penny of overtime.

Can someone explain this disparate treatment at the hands of the mayor? Is the mayor saying the 10 management employees for the Fire Department (678 employees) are more important that the 19 who lead the Police Department (2,100 employees)? Is the mayor saying he wishes to reward and encourage those seeking management positions with the Fire Department over those leading the Police Department?

The list of the top salaries of City employees contains a number of Firefighters at the top. The overtime for Firefighters is endless. The overtime for Police Officers is reduced every year. The Fire Department uses a "Constant Manning" staffing plan that requires a number of firefighters to work 24 hour shifts for overtime every day to meet the minimum staffing which is contained in their Labor Contact. The loss of paid holidays and a 1.7% reduction in salary and the 3% increase in their retirement contribution is offset by working two additional overtime days a month. This is common for the majority of Firefighters. The mayor made no change in the overtime policies within the Fire Department. The mayor allowed Firefighters Local 145, the union representing Firefighters, to keep their DROP entry of 50 and only froze the retiree medical for two years (SDPOA had theirs capped at $740 forever).

The mayor cannot justify the unequal treatment of San Diego Police Department Management, compared to that of San Diego Fire Rescue. The mayor's elimination of benefits and treatment of the most senior, experienced and trusted of employees of the most important department within the City can only be explained as the actions of a Narcissistic person who seeks to inflict injury because he can. The mayor was asked recently why he is so intent on removing DROP and destroying the Police Department. His reply was simple. The mayor said, "I don't really care about DROP. It's political."

What does this say about a man who uses politics as the excuse for his actions?

First Chiefs and Now Captains… When will it end?

I just got home from the Padre game. I was hoping for relief from today and a few hours to clear my head. No such luck tonight. The Padres lost and the game was so slow; all I did was, think. Why you ask? Read on….

This morning I received a call and I sat listening to the person on the other end of the line telling me the mayor had done it again. The caller proceeds to tell me a rumor was floating around the mayor eliminated DROP from Captains effective July 1, 2009. I sat listening, but not really hearing what was being said. My mind was racing, trying to access the damage. My thoughts raced from Captain to Captain; what was the HUMAN damage? What affect will this have? First; DROP entry is raised to 55 years of age from 50 and the DROP annuity is removed from the plan. Then; Chief's are told DROP is no longer an option for them effective July 1, 2009.

I ended the telephone conversation and said I would check around and see if there was any validity to this rumor. First call; "No way. They can't do that!" I make my second call; "You have got to be kidding me. If this is true; there is no defending the mayor. He is clearly out to destroy this department." My third call hits home. I am told the rumor is not a rumor, but fact. The Chief is going to discuss the mayor's proposal with the Captains this morning at their Field Ops meeting. The DROP is being eliminated from the Management Benefit Package effective July 1, 2009. Those Captains who are in DROP or enter DROP before June 30, 2009, will also have their salary reduced 3%, not the 1.5% that most thought.

I sat staring out the window, my mind racing with thoughts of how this could happen. Why is this happening? What is the mayor's real purpose? First the Chief's and today the Captains, lose the DROP. Why the all out assault on 19 management personnel, when you have already filed a law suit in an attempt to eliminate DROP from all employees? But it does not stop there. In the early afternoon it is reported in the Voice of San Diego, that Rachel Laing, a mayor's spokesperson said San Diego Fire and Rescue Management Personnel will still be able to participate in DROP because city officials wanted to maintain the incentive for firefighters to take management jobs.

My thoughts cannot be captured on these pages. The human pain being inflicted upon some of the finest, most dedicated, experienced and professional men and women who lead this department cannot be quantified. It can be seen in their eyes, but you will not see them pout or display their emotions in public. These people are true professionals and they will maintain that appearance for their people and the department they love. But the public needs to know what the real effects will be as a result of this reckless mandate from the mayor. Today we all lost. The public lost.

The monetary savings the mayor will realize from this unethical, immoral and soon to be shown illegal elimination of a vested benefit is so small it begs the question; WHY? There are 19 people in the ranks of Chief and Captain. Maybe 9 of them are in the DROP? The remaining 10 are not eligible to enter DROP because they are not 50. Now here is where my rub is with the mayor's actions. The DROP entry was raised to 55 for Police Safety. The mayor filed suit to seek a decision supporting his belief DROP is not a vested benefit. So, why eliminate now when the determination of this law suit would most assuredly be determined by the time ANY of these individuals are able to enter DROP at the age of 55. Another political capital building action to play to the press? But then why turn around and announce those in the SDFD management ranks will continue to be offered DROP and at the entry age of 50?

Maybe the answer is found in the explanation from the mayor's spokesperson Laing, "Rank and file firefighters work 24 hour shifts, 10 days a month. To become management, they shift to a traditional five day, 40 hours week. These managers may not earn more pay because they can no longer earn overtime as managers." OK, I did not say this, Liang did. This is another example of the mayor's disparate treatment of members of the San Diego Police Department and his obvious bent on destroying a once proud, professional group of men and women. There is no explanation that could be provided those who are personally affected. The damage has yet to be seen. In short order those remaining Captains who for years have supported and championed the mayor and chief's message will leave when they have reached their 30th year of service or age 50 (If they purchased service credits). There will be absolutely no reason to stay. That was taken from them by the mayor. Lieutenants closing in on age 50 or their 30th year of service will give second thought to seeking promotion to Captain. The promotion stands to cost them hundreds of thousands of dollars. Who in their right mind would accept a promotion to Captain with the responsibility associated with the position, only to make less money and lose the DROP as an option? That's not the person we need in these positions!!!!

A Captain made a comment last week when it was made known the mayor had eliminated DROP from the Chiefs. This Captain said, "The mayor is not through. There is more to come. Stand by." I asked at the time what more could he do? He has already inflicted more than anyone could have imagined. The reply was short but so true, "It's who he has become; he wants more and he is going to find it and take it; watch."

Well, I saw it and am still having a hard time digesting it. I have three years left in DROP myself. I made my appointment to crunch the numbers and discuss leaving before June 30. I am not alone. Part of me says its time; the mayor is not through, just as the Captain said. The other part of me says stay and don't let the mayor win; it's what he wants; for all of us to leave. I am torn and find myself going back and forth with my decision. Retiring after 30+ years is suppose to be a joy filled, happy, gratifying time. Why is it then that I see more long faces on those poised to leave before the 30th of June and people looking at the ground as they walk the halls of Headquarters trying to decide if they too need to leave?

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Chief’s Loss and Ours

I'm not sure everyone understands the depth of the damage done with the most recent contract imposed by the mayor. The effects will be lasting and the damage deep. One of the little talked about cuts affects the Chief's. Chief's are "At will" employees and not afforded Civil Service protections. Chief's are considered "Management" and are covered by separate contracts and not included in the bargaining unit of employees represented by the POA. When a Captain is tapped to promote to an Assistant Chief's position, he/she takes a leave of absence from the Captain position and accepts an appointment to Assistant Chief.

The mayor imposed drastic and soon to be shown illegal changes to the DROP for police officers. The mayor ELIMINATED DROP for our Chief's. This affects Chief's Long and Ramirez directly because they are both under 50 and will not be able to enter DROP prior to June 30, 2009. Chief Solis will be able to enter DROP, but my money says he was not ready to enter now; he has so much more to offer and to be forced to retire in five years will be another huge loss to the department and the citizens of San Diego. Chief Kanaski is already in the DROP and we will be losing Chief Meyers in the coming weeks as she completes her DROP.

Let's take a look at what the elimination of DROP from Chief's will do. As an organization you hope your very best people rise to the top as leaders and help shape the vision, values and reputation of a department. The people make the organization; the middle managers help guide and mentor the worker and management leads. This is my simplistic view of the importance for having not good, but GREAT people at the top. Here in lies the rub of what the mayor has done to management within the San Diego Police Department.

(Before beginning the discussion further I am going to put my optimistic hat on and say the entry age for DROP will soon be 50 again and will use this age for further discussion.)

We have a couple of Captains who are pressing 50. There is an Assistant Chief opening and candidates are asked to express their desire for the position. There are a couple Captains who are in their mid-forties who are also potential candidates. None of these individuals are prepared to retire and entering DROP for those pressing 50 is a couple years away. What affect will the ability to enter DROP as a Captain have on the decision to throw their name in the hat for consideration to be appointed Assistant Chief? Will highly qualified Captains forgo seeking advancement in lieu of DROP? Keep in mind the 90% cap on retirement; the loss of the money earned in DROP and the fact an Assistant Chief's salary is within a few dollars of a Captain's.

Has the mayor just made the Chief's position one that is no longer sought after by our most talented? Has the mayor now created a position only those from the outside will seek? Is that an underlying goal of the mayor? Why would a captain who has 29 years of service seek advancement to Chief when in one year he/she will reach the 90% cap for their retirement and no longer earn service credits? There is now NO benefit in seeking advancement to the Chief's level.

The POA in all likelihood will be successful in the legal fight with the mayor regarding DROP. The mayor's attempt at modifying a vested benefit has destroyed a police department unnecessarily and caused over one hundred senior, experienced and dedicated members to leave before they are ready in order to preserve benefits promised for many years. What likelihood do our Chief's have of DROP being returned to them? Chief Long and Ramirez have a better chance than a person appointed after July 1, 2009. The benefit would not be vested to a person appointed after July 1, 2009, and would have to be approved by the voters if somehow it were to be offered again. Here is a bigger question; will a person who entered DROP as a Captain now be ineligible for appointment to Chief?

There is so much wrong with this; words defy me. I feel for those who had this benefit ripped from them. I feel for a department who was held up as a model not just across this nation but worldwide; but now is looked at with pity. You get what you pay for in life. The mayor has shown his proclivity to be cheap. Imagine if you will what we will look like in the next year. Before you close your eyes; we have a one year imposed contract and will be forced to the table next year. The mayor is already talking of another deficit; one even larger than this year's. Close your eyes and imagine…

Monday, May 4, 2009

I’m So Sorry mayor

I feel horrible. Before I get into why that is I would like to talk about this BLOG for a minute. I have received over one hundred e-mails related to my BLOG in the short time it has been up. Many (all but three) have provided positive feedback and support for my rants. Thank you all!!! One of the criticism's I received came from a peer, who said I used too many swear words and it took away from what I had written. I went back today and removed the swear words and as I re-read my posts, I really started to feel bad.

This morning I read in the UT the mayor was going to take the same salary cut as all of us; let me see if I can remember exactly what it was he said; "I think what we're saying is, 'We're going to suffer the same way you are,'" "We're trying to be as fair as we can." I will admit I have been hard on the mayor. I have blamed him for not being fair. I said some really nasty things about the mayor. I made it a point to blast the mayor in my, "Do as I say; Not as I do" rant about his taking his salary and not telling anyone; while we are all taking pay and benefit cuts.

I read the headline of the UT article, "Sanders to trim his salary to show solidarity with workers" as I sipped my first cup of coffee. I started to feel ill that I had said all these bad things about the mayor and I may now have to eat my words. What was I going to do now that he is doing this? The mayor was showing he cares and wanted to join us and feel our pain. The mayor is actually getting it. He is proving to us he understands what we are all up against. He is leading by example and showing us all how much he values us by doing this.

The mayor is going to reduce his annual salary of $100,464 by $6,000 to keep his promise that he and other high-level city officials will take pay and benefit cuts similar to us. The mayor said his actions will send us all a message. Wait a minute. I just thought of something. Doesn't the mayor also receive $92,400 from his retirement? Doesn't the mayor receive the MAXIMUM retiree medical benefit (Now frozen after June 30)? There is no cut to his medical insurance! There is no cut to the mayor's retirement check! The mayor will actually receive a 2% INCREASE to his retirement check on July 1; raising his retirement to $94,248. Let's not forget the 13th check also.

What am I thinking? I was feeling bad for my harsh criticism of the mayor. I now see how easy it is for the unknowing public to be swayed. I actually thought the mayor was starting to recognize the need for him to lead by example. Yes, he gets it. He gets how to manipulate the press. He gets how to garner political capital by shifting the mirrors and adding more smoke and actually do nothing. I guess he thinks we are all that gullible.

I have to admit; I was….. NOT

Sunday, May 3, 2009

We’ve Been Here Before

I remember when I joined the San Diego Police Department back on April 30, 1979. I was a twenty-two year old recruit in an academy class (Fighting 93rd) of over 100. The academy class before mine had over 100 recruits and the academy class that followed had over 100 recruits. The two years prior to my joining the department saw officers exiting for other agencies due to the low pay and benefits. Then Mayor Pete Wilson had proclaimed that working in sunny San Diego was worth 10% in salary and the City was refusing to provide a pay increase to members of the Police Department. There was a "Blue Flu" that really only had the support of about 10 officers, mostly from Southern Division. Unlike the Sheriff's who all called in sick in mass and headed to Arizona so they could not be served with orders to return to work; the San Diego Police Officers could not garner any support for a meaningful protest of what Pete Wilson was doing. There were marches and protests. But in the end we came out of this period with positive increases in pay and benefits.

During this time we saw TEN (10) officers killed in the line of duty. Training and a lack of man power were ALL contributing factors in the deaths of those we lost. Training officers who had less than 18 months on the department, training those of us who were hitting the field; Academy training that did not include a two week survival block and officers out gunned by criminals, all contributed to these deaths. Senior Detectives and experienced Supervisors were leaving the department by leaps and bounds.

Look around and what do you see today? A mayor who is waging war with his police department; a City Council who is sitting silent as a tacit approval of the mayor's war against those who are tasked with protecting the citizens; Senior, experienced Supervisors, Detectives and Officers leaving in droves to preserve benefits that are being eviscerated by a vengeful mayor; Minimum staffing levels that are a joke and still can't be met and a group of professional officers who can no longer hide their anger. The difference between 1979 and 2009? Academy classes are struggling to meet the 25 recruit level. Yes, I know; the "next" academy will have 50 Recruits (that's the goal folks) and that will replace just over a third of those who have already left and then we will work on the next two thirds; forget about the 150 leaving between now and June 30, 2009. We will figure that out later.

The ray of light, if we all agree we are at or near the bottom of where the mayor is taking us (I struggle to believe we are anywhere near the bottom of where this person wants to take us) then things can only get better. Chief Lansdowne is the eternal optimist and will shed a positive light on the future if asked. He has always been able to keep a positive outward appearance for his people. He is and has always been our biggest cheerleader. The Chief will tell you the opportunities for those who tough it out will be endless. I would agree that opportunities will be bountiful for those who continue to serve. Positions and openings in; SWAT, FTO, Canine, Air Support, Motors; promotions to Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant and Captain will all be available to those remain.

The opportunity to mentor and guide the young officer joining the department today is there for the taking. The ability to promote and transfer to various jobs within the department will present themselves over the coming months and years. The economy will eventually turn around and your constant vigilance in educating the public you serve will pay dividends in the end. It will not be easy and there will be some bumps along the way. Maintain your professionalism and smile with the knowledge that this mayor will be gone in three and one half years. Most of you will be here when he is gone. We cannot allow him to win the war he wages against us. We must band together and stand shoulder to shoulder and not allow ourselves to break ranks. We will come out of this stronger, as long as we do not allow this mayor to control our destiny.

Stand tall and wear your uniform with pride. Do not allow the mayor to tarnish your badge. We have been here before and we survived. YOU WILL SURVIVE!!!