Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Muse

A day to remember those who have given their lives for our freedom.... Thank You!!!!

If you have not heard; the mayor is going to Sacramento on Tuesday (May 26, 2009), on what is being called a "high-profile lobbying trip" to "protest" the possibility the Governor will divert 8% of revenue from the City, to the State. Kind of like the pot calling the kettle, black? This guy is unbelievable!!! He thinks nothing of taking 6% from his employees; eliminating and cutting benefits; at the same time he begins taking his full salary as well as his retirement payment. He is going to Sacramento to "protest possible confiscation of local government money." I wish him well. Hope he has better luck challenging the take away than we did!!!

Did you hear about the inaugural "Harvey Milk Diversity Breakfast" held at the Holiday Inn at the Bay, the other day? The event was co-chaired by Robert Gleason and Nicole Ramirez. Nicole is a very active member of the Gay and Lesbian community and well known for his (yes, his) hair, makeup and fabulous gowns. Catch Nicole in most settings and he will be wearing a suit and tie. The mayor was the emcee for the event and was heard making what can only be described as an "Unbelievable" and "Completely Inappropriate" comment to Nicole Ramirez. The mayor is standing on the stage with his daughter, Lisa. The mayor makes the following statement; "I know this makes her nervous. She doesn't know if I'll cry, crack an inappropriate joke or throw the F-bomb out there." Then he says this to Nicole Ramirez; "I think this is the first time I've shared a stage with Nicole; but I believe we did share a patrol car once, when I was a cop. I was the chauffeur. Nicole was in the back seat wearing silver bracelets." Think there might be hell to pay for anyone else who may make such a comment? I'm no prude, but what on earth was he thinking? That was a rhetorical question; the mayor seldom thinks about his actions or the consequences. Why should he; there are no consequences as evidenced by the multitude of ethical and illegal actions he and his staff has been involved in of late.

The Padres won again today in 10 innings. They beat the Diamondbacks 9-7, for their 10th win in a row. Go Padres!!!


Anonymous said...

Just another example of an out of control egomaniac who would fire someone for a similar comment. Sanders is really a horses ass. How much more will people allow to occur before they do anything?

Jane said...

I am offended and want to complain, who can I call to make my complaint? Besides the obvious, Sanders is the ex-chief (thank god) and he of all people should know better than to make that type of statement. Trying to be funny does not make it OK to say such a thing in such a forum. Shows who he is as a man. Uses his daughter in some sick way to paint himself as a liberal thinker all the while screwing every working person employed by the City and doing what he can to ruin this city.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Jane... Jerry dissolved the City office of Ethics and Integrity...maybe you should consider the Grand Jury.

Gots to laugh or I'll cry said...

That's a good one Steve. The mayor is going to try and stop the Governor from diverting money from San Diego? I wish I could be there to see the state tell him to get lost. Hey, think maybe he will just retire and go away? Nah, his ego is to damn big and he has a daughter to put through college. Damn it I thought I was on to something.