Sunday, May 17, 2009

Strike three you’re out mayor!!!

Spent a wonderful afternoon at Petco Park with my wife watching the Padres. Jake Peavey pitched a complete game victory over the Cincinnati Reds. The weather was perfect San Diego; sunny, 71 degrees, light breeze. You could not ask for a better Sunday afternoon in San Diego. I ran into several retired and active members of the department as I headed to my seat. Thank you all for the kind words and encouragement.

I was doing some reading when I got home and came across a piece by Ken Singleton. Singleton wrote about the right balance of leadership and management. Singleton said, "Leadership is about doing the right thing and management is about doing things right. Success is about achieving the right balance of both." This passage jumped off the page as I thought of the actions of the mayor and what he has accomplished in the time he has held office.

"Leadership is about doing the right thing." Strike one mayor. Somebody help me out here. I have been racking my brain to give him a ball, but no such luck. Doing the right thing would require the mayor to care about people and before doing anything, consider the impact on people, before taking any action. That is clearly not something the mayor has done since elected.

"Management is about doing things right." Strike two mayor. Violating the City Charter and other Laws, is not doing things right. Doing things because they are politically expedient can not be considered doing things right.

"Success is about achieving the right balance of both." Strike three mayor. When you only care about yourself and how you are perceived, it is next to impossible to care about others. When you don't care about the people, it is easy to break the law and violate the rights of others and not do things right. You cannot balance something you have not done in the first place. Caring more for one, over the other, is even worse. Which of your daughters do you care for more mayor? We know you care more for taxpayers than you do City Employees (Regardless of what you may say; your actions speak louder than your words).

Have a seat on the bench mayor. Allow someone to come into the game who understands the Right Balance of being a leader and managing the huge problems facing the City of San Diego. You have struck out in your attempts at balancing the leader, manager thing and people are leaving the park.

Today's police officers are opting for employers who care about them professionally and personally. You have shown you clearly do not care about police officers; professionally or personally. Strike three mayor; you are out. You failed.


Secretsalmon said...

Very astute Sparky. Sometimes you really impress me. To repeat what the mayor said to me one time: "I didn't know you were that smart." It's interesting how often individuals have their intelligence overlooked by people who know everything. Keep posting my friend.

Thumper said...

Sparky, the news reports of an additional 22 million dollars being added to the deficit will surly have the mayor back to the plate trying to take a few more whacks at us. I see him charging us monthly fees to park at station parking lots; locker rental for our equipment; coin slots on toilet stalls and showers; no more bullets for practice between shoots; and elimination of uniform allowance. Hang on folks we are in for a wild and bumpy ride until this ego maniac leaves for greener pastures.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Sanders, what a discrace. You will pay with your job real soon. Once the citizens really see what is ocurring. Good luck city workers the citizens support you.

Mr. Likmib Alls