Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father’s Day

I'm going to be brief today and keep it light. I had the pleasure of attending Sergeant Joe Woods' retirement party yesterday at the San Diego Police Officers Association. Many family, friends and co-workers paid tribute to a man who impacted so many. Joe was one of those who always had a positive attitude and brought that out whether he was mentoring new recruits as an Academy Training Officer; a member of the SWAT team; coaching or counseling members of his patrol squad; or interviewing people during an investigation while working Internal Affairs. Joe always had a smile on his face and a kind word. Sergeant Woods will be missed.

I signed my BLOG up on Twitter this morning. If you would like current updates and musings from my BLOG, please join and follow. If you have not used Twitter it is very easy to do. Find the Twitter web site; and then click the "join" button if you have not yet registered. After you have joined, you can either; search for the link to "SparkySanDiego"; or "Steve McMillan"; (I also have a Twitter account under "stevemac1956") and click the "Follow" button. It is that simple. If you wish to have the updates show up on your telephone by way of a text message, don't forget to activate your account with your cellular telephone. I promise not to send more than 2 new notifications per day from Twitter; unlike the mayor who sends as many as 10 a day, most of which have nothing to say.

I want to wish all the fathers out there a "Happy Father's Day." Like many of you, I am blessed with two wonderful children who have made me very proud. My daughter is an English/Language Arts teacher at a local high school and my son is starting year one in Law School next month. As many of you have experienced it is not always easy being a father and working in law enforcement. The changing shifts, long hours and constant of having to work holidays, birthdays and those times when our children wanted us there the most; all made difficult by the career we chose. We suffered along with them. But, we persevered and never stopped finding those times when we could spend laughing with; loving and teaching our children.

Go enjoy the day and spend time with your children; your children's children and your significant other. I am off to the Padre game this afternoon and hope for a win to end the weekend. After the game my kids will be home waiting for me and a BBQ with the in-laws. I am working on two lengthy posts I hope to finish this coming week, dealing with Manager's Proposal 1 and 2 or MP1 and MP2. The mayor is looking to repeat the idiocy of these two incidents with his own proposal; I will call it MP3 (mayor's proposal 3) that will take use AGAIN down the wrong path. More on that later.

Happy Father's Day.



Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day Steve. I love the Twitter idea. Keep it coming.

A Citizen Who Cares said...

To all the fathers in law enforcement; You are our heros!! Thanky uo for all you do and all you did!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Fathers Day Steve! When you do your next posts can you shed light on an e-mail by John Flynn that talks about Retiree Medical being a vested benefit? I thought I saw your name on the list of people who received it.

Thanks Big Guy. Keep up the outstanding work!