Friday, July 10, 2009

mayor goes to Hollywood

Today the mayor and Kevin Faulconer went to Hollywood today to drum up business for San Diego. The story went something like this; "The mayor traveled to Los Angeles Friday to meet with entertainment industry executives in an attempt to lure more film and television productions to San Diego. The mayor was scheduled to meet with representatives from DreamWorks, Walt Disney Pictures, Universal Pictures and 20th Century Fox Television, according to the mayor's office. According to San Diego Film Commission statistics provided by the mayor's office, the entertainment industry supports 5,000 jobs in San Diego and had a $42 million economic impact on the region's economy last year."

No one can argue the need for jobs and revenue for San Diego. Questions need to be answered before the mayor signs on to entice the film and television productions to San Diego; who is paying for the back scene support? The police department is called upon to provide security for these ventures. In years past the city was reimbursed at a paltry rate for these police services and yet the city charged the police department for the cost of providing this security. When is the city going to start charging private business for the services they receive such as this? The Padres, Chargers, Rock 'n' Roll Marathon, Pride Parade, Street Scene and the many other private groups who put on events in this city pay a small portion of the costs for city services necessary to hold the event. The cost of overtime to police these events is charged to the Police Department at full cost. Who is footing the bill for this? You the taxpayer!!!

Tell the mayor you are not interested in paying for these events. Tell him to demand from these groups they pay the costs to put on their events or go somewhere else. If he is unwilling to require private industry to pay for the services they receive then we must demand the city council act as a council and demand it.

On another note; the little rube, city council member for district 5, is bouncing from district to district holding meetings and yet has not found it necessary to hold meetings within his own district for some time. Well, appears someone got his attention and he has scheduled his "State of District 5" meeting in Scripps Ranch. The announcement went something like this:

Join Councilmember DeMaio as he reports to his constituents on the "State of District 5" and updates the entire city on efforts to reform city government. The program will provide San Diegans with a compelling road map for making government work again in our communities.

July 21st - 7:00 p.m.
Thurgood Marshall Middle School
9700 Avenue of Nations
San Diego, CA 92131
Space is limited, RSVP is suggested
Phone (619) 236-6655
A small reception will be held at the conclusion of the program

If you want to know the thinking of the little rube, check out his web site above "CleanUpCityHall." This was supposed to be a site for him and Donna Frye, but the little rube just can't share the spot light. The information on this site will surely give cause for concern.

These are the types of public events we need to involve ourselves in and ask questions of these elected officials. The little rube told the SDPOA he wanted to ensure San Diego had a "World Class Police Department" and yet is hell bent on cutting wages and benefits and eliminating the DROP. Is he speaking with a forked tongue or just picking words to make him appear more palatable to the unknowing voter? Professionally challenging him in front of voters with hard questions is the beginning of vetting who and what the rube is really all about so the voter gets a more realistic view of who he is. I plan on attending and would encourage others to do the same.

The last few retirement parties are being held as we move into a new era for the San Diego Police Department. Last night the "Three Amigos" called it a career. Detectives Linda Tibbets and Ernie Encinas and Detective Pete Morales enjoyed laughs, drink, food and music at the old rock house at the San Diego Police Pistol Range. Hundreds came to say good-bye and thank them for their combined 90 years of service. Tonight Detective John Minto is celebrating his retirement at the SDPOA Meeting Hall and Detective Jim McGhee is doing the same at the old rock house. All of these dedicated members of the department will be missed. They gave the best part of their lives to the citizens of San Diego and can now enjoy a relaxing and healthy life of leisure. Good luck and be well…..

Lastly an old retired guy asked me about starting a site for hikers. There are a number of active and retired members who enjoy hiking the local trails and mountains in and around San Diego as well as faraway places. We will be talking about this over the weekend. If there is anyone out there interested and has a suggestion of how and what to highlight; drop me a note. We will see where this goes.

Have a great weekend and enjoy the beautiful San Diego weather. Over the Line is beginning tomorrow for those looking for a reason to leave east-county and head to the beach. Don't forget the sun screen…

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Tom said...

Congratulations John Minto... is there "Mayor" in the future? Enjoy your life free of San Diego. You have earned it my man...