Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bob Kittle is Gone – Good Riddance

It appears someone finally showed some sense today; Bob Kittle was let go from the Union Tribune. This is one of the best news stories I have read in some time having to do with the Union Tribune. The story was actually in the Voice of San Diego, but it was a great read. Bob Kittle is or was what is wrong with the journalism in San Diego. Kittle wrote "Editorials" for the editorial page and used this platform to spin, fabricate and mislead readers. Kittle used his position at the Union Tribune to put forth his agenda of ruining employee unions, city employees and anything to do with the pay and benefits of city employees. Unlike a real reporter; Kittle's "opinion" was protected and not bound by the same rules of honest, accurate and professional reporting. He hid behind this label to spew his venom of lies and deceit.

Kittle, almost single handedly, created such a negative climate in San Diego, fueled by his lies and twisting of truth; that focused on SDCERS, DROP and other employee benefits. Kittle did not care about the truth; honest or accurate reporting; nor did he give a damn about facts. Kittle was a master manipulator of half truths, misleading statements and complete fabrications. Kittle used made up numbers to support his agenda and when questioned or challenged would refuse to print rebuttals that provided the truth or accurate information. Kittle was a little man who used his position to make himself bigger than he actually was.

Bob Kittle would not know the truth if it smacked him in the face on an hourly basis. His repeated lies became the truth to those who wanted to believe. His lies became cannon fodder for those who sought to eliminate employee unions and reduce benefits. Certain elected city officials refused to stand up to Kittle and refute his lies for fear of not getting his endorsement or elected. Kittle wielded a lot of power from his seat at the Editor's Table for the Union Tribune.

Bob Kittle will not be missed. I say "Good Riddance" and "Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out." Time will tell what direction the Union Tribune will take. We can all hope professional, honest journalism will replace the Enquire style tabloid reporting of Bob Kittle.


Anonymous said...

Kittle lost the U.T. a lot of subscribers in the recent past due to his trash writings!!!

This is a positive move on the part of the U.T.

Now get rid of the morons who did the butcher job on City worker pay. They didn't even do a comparitive analysis of pay and benefits with other Cities. No benchmark to compare anything!!!!

I will never buy a copy of the U.T. for the rest of my life!!!!!!!!

Just Wondering said...

While I agree with your analysis of Kittle's professional integrity and conduct, I wonder where we're headed. For example, Kittle was known for his fabrications and prevarications. Since we know nature abhors a vacuum, who will replace him? Will it be Chris Reed? If so, Mr. Reed will probably continue to disparage working folks and especially government workers. His attacks on wages and benefits is well documented.

I suspect he believes he will fill Kittle's shoes. If he understands the power structure of San Diego, he may follow in Kittle's footsteps. If so, we are in for more of the same attacks.

Anonymous said...

Now if Karin Winner would hit the bricks, the UT might be on its way to respectability.

Anonymous said...

i think the last i heard, bowtie bob was doing a book on fr junipero serra ... another exploiter of cheap native american labor. a professor Theology in Denver, George Tinker, himself an Osage/Cherokee accuses Serra of enforcing "slave labor" and creating an environment equivalent to a "concentration camp." Serra's zeal frequently led him to employ extraordinary means in order to move the people to penance: he would pound his breast with a stone while in the pulpit, scourge himself, or apply a lit torch to his bare chest. (i think he was also into self-flagellation)... sounds like Kittle's kinda guy.