Friday, September 4, 2009

How Much Longer???

During a conversation this afternoon, the subject of the mayor came up. I know that is hard to believe but it's true. The discussion wandered from 1970's and 1980's activities of then Sergeant and Lieutenant Sanders; to the future as well as wondering what his legacy will turn out be as a mayor. Evaluation; explanation; consternation; observation; contemplation and speculation all entered the discussion. Talking about the abilities and actions of the mayor compared to past leaders brought about a resounding failure as an elected official. There has not been one positive influence or action taken by the mayor during his short tenure that could be identified no matter how hard memories were searched. Trying to explain his actions toward police officers brought about a lot of negative comments and words that did not reflect well for a man in his position. The consensus that he was a poor leader when chief; left the department with a profound lack of support; and was not liked by the majority of those who knew him, was very strong. The bewilderment of his all out attack and demeanor toward the officers of the San Diego Police Department generated the consternation. It was well known and documented his leadership style consisted of decision by committee; but it was not well known he was as vindictive and caustic as he has shown to be. Many of us knew who the real person was and for that reason voiced our strong opinions when he first announced his decision to seek the mayor's office. The observations of the man who holds the mayor's seat, both past and present, created a myriad of comments; none that would be positive or flattering. The observations to a person were personal and viewed from their eyes and not rumor or locker room talk.

As the discussion continued, speculation crept into the conversation of what was next for the mayor? Many people discuss higher office being the goal of the mayor and his actions are all to position himself for this next step. Some have mentioned the Governor's Mansion; others have speculated positions such as the Senate or Congress; while others (I include myself in this group) think he is positioning himself for an appointment in Washington DC. Whatever the motives for his actions; he has been a dismal failure to those he serves and the people who were blinded by his false persona. His every action has been political; designed around appearance and perception.

As we talked, it was mentioned there was discussion the mayor was contemplating resigning before his term is up. The ears perked up and the mind began to race; could it be? Would a narcissistic person quit, walk away, run from, or vacate a position of such power? The answer is; NO. That is, unless there is something on the horizon that would adversely affect his reputation, persona, or standing in the power circles he maintains.

Now the mind is working in over drive; RPM'S spinning at warp speed looking for the trigger that would cause the mayor to make that move. To a person like myself; I could spend the next several hours writing about the issues the mayor has completely and totally failed at and in most cases made worse that would cause even the most narcissistic person to run for cover. I can think of so many things he must accept ownership of that would bring down a politician in any other city. So when the mention was made of the mayor contemplating resignation I must admit I felt a twinge of excitement.

So I sit here tonight thinking about the real possibility of this becoming reality. I have to tell you, I am not a very religious person but if this becomes reality; maybe there is a god. There will not be a turnaround of this city or the police department as long as we employ the person we do currently as our mayor. The only possibility of fighting our way out of this hole is with the leadership of a person of integrity, compassion, honesty and intelligence. Under the current leadership we will continue to slip into the abyss of despair and anger. Let's all hope the contemplation by the mayor is accurate and expedient.


Anonymous said...

But...GASP...what if we end up with the Little Rube???

Retired Sparky Supporter said...

Do you really think the narcissist mayor would walk away from all this power and notoriety? He enjoys the limelight and the power. He relishes in it. He is no doubt still in charge of the police department by proxy. Why would he give that up too? Think for one new york minute Steve this POS would allow you to get promoted? This is wishful thinking on a lot of peoples part. This egotist will never give up this power. Forget it, it's not happening!

Worked for Jerry - Hated Him said...

Let's think about this for a minute. Why would Sanders give up the power he has as mayor? Why would he give up the lime light and exposure as mayor of San Diego? The only explanation would be he is fearful things are ready to collapse and he is going to be blamed. He would never leave unless it was to protect himself from damage or embarrassment for all the things he has screwed up and are now coming to light.

The little rube would not stand a chance getting elected mayor. Donna Frye or Ron Roberts would be the two front runners and flip flop flim flam man Steve Francis.

I say go away Jerry Sanders, get lost bud, hang it up dude, beat it!!!