Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The mayor’s “Legacy”

The doors are closed, the blinds turned down, music plays softly inside to muffle the sounds of deals being worked out behind those locked and secured doors. "Fiscal sustainability; water reliability; economic development; and community legacy projects" are but a few of topics being discussed outside of the eyes and ears of the taxpayer/voter. The list of "civic" leaders, movers and shakers and connected downtown money elite, grace the hidden "Action Teams" the mayor has secretly put together. To those of us who have lived through years of "decision by committee" where nothing ever got done when the mayor was pretending to be chief, it is now becoming obvious why the city is in such disarray.

The "Mayor's Civic Leadership 2009-2012" reads like the high society list of San Diego's rich and famous. The list is stacked with the well connected, downtown elite of who's who. Now I know I don't read every council agenda since leaving the SDPOA Board but I do stay up on the goings on and pay close enough attention I would have seen the approval of these individuals to the various committees enacted by the mayor. The question begs to be asked, "Was proper vetting done of the individuals and various committees put in place by the mayor?"

  1. "Fiscal Sustainability"
  2. "Water Reliability"
  3. "Economic Development"
  4. "Community Legacy Projects"
    1. Convention Center Expansion
    2. Civic Center Project
    3. Airport Expansion
    4. New Central Library
    5. Regional Charger Stadium
    6. Charter Reform

These are but a few of the topics being discussed and planned behind closed doors at the mayor's bequest. This "Kitchen Cabinet" as it has been referred, was first discovered back in August. John R. Lamb of The City Beat wrote an article, "A Sanders kitchen cabinet? An insider's dream team is forming to advise the mayor" back on August 25. In the article Bill Geppert, Cox cable honcho and Chairman of the Economic Development Corporation, said of the Civic Leadership Team; "I think the idea is to try to identify and organize people who are absolutely passionate about a particular project or area." "Then, in some cases, these people can bring their expertise and be credible supporters when they speak to the City Council or the community."

The mayor's Civic Leadership Team sprang into action when the City Council's "Land Use and Housing Committee" was taking up discussion related to a new policy to require the City Council to sign off on major downtown hotel projects. The members of the committee came to the mayor's aid after Geppert sent an e-mail out to members asking them to attend a meeting or get a message to the Committee members to help "rebuff an ill-advised ploy by organized labor." At the end of the article Geppert is boasting in the e-mail, "Our team had a great success last week with the Civic Center vote."

Is it a wonder why the priorities of the mayor are clearly focused on his legacy and helping out his financial supporters? The picture is becoming more and more clearer every day, as the film curls from around the edges of the glass and glimpses of the inner workings of a man possessed are exposed. The pattern of "Decision by Committee" is ever present and being kept from public view. The arena the mayor occupies does not allow for such back room discussion and deal making. The public's business is required to be conducted in public. The public's right to know is being trounced upon by the unscrupulous actions of a self centered egotist.

Where is the ethics commission and why is this being allowed in San Diego? Why have the actions of the mayor been ignored and others simply accepting of his politics? The city is headed to ruin and no one seems to care. Wake up San Diego and demand the priorities of the mayor reflect YOUR PRIORITIES.


Anonymous said...

The slime-mayor is a puppet of the rich downtown developement crowd. With hotels downtown going into foreclosure there's haste in continuing the public input of tax dollars and tax waivers. Instead of supporting a growth in businesses that pay "san diego liveable" wages to their employees, we get hotel maid wage earners. The builders construct the hotels; grab their profits; then leave the hotels to flounder and go into foreclosure in a down economy. Building the City's economy on tourism is moronic. Tourism historicly pays low employee wages. Now the slime-mayor is building a 100 million dollar library that is located where most San Diego residents won't use it. It will not be constructed at a central location for easy use by all San Diego residents. To build the library in a "central" location would take taxpayer money out of the pockets of slime's rich downtown developers. Also if the City located the Library at a central location it wouldn't be able to fleece the Library Patrons through the use of parking meters. This is so fun to watch. The Slime and his Pond Scum in a feeding frenzy at the expense of the taxpayer, and we haven't even considered the new Edifice to Incompentency; the "City Hall Building"

Ken Fortier said...

When are you announcing to run for City Council Steve? Looks like you've gotten up on the issues pretty well, and a counter-balance to DeMaio is certainly needed. How about it?

Anonymous said...

Sanders has a history of claiming the ideas and initiatives from those he chooses and then allows participate. He's a scavenger, certainly not a leader. He and his handlers carefully control the image making San Diegans believe something positive is happening. But those, like you, who carefully examine his record and results only find the smoke and mirrors.

As you mentioned, his history at the PD was administration via committee where he'd pick the bones clean of good ideas developed, claiming credit for the work of others. He also did it at United Way and Red Cross.

With 2½ more years of this numbskull running the city considerable damage beyond what already done is more than possible.

Please keep up your reports. The more we can peel back the layers on "this" onion the more San Diegans will cry when they realize the damage he has done.

Wild Thing said...

Come on Sparky….
I remember Mayor Slanders promised transparency in government.
No underhanded behind closed door maneuvering.
You must have your facts wrong. Mayor Slanders is just forming
another one of his infamous committees. He’s the People’s Mayor!

This new committee of Jerry’s Kids is just here to help us in this time of need.
Can’t you see we need a new library, a new city hall and expanded convention center.
Don’t worry about the money. Float a few bonds, manipulate various funding mechanisms, cut City services, etc. It’s for our own good. It’s for Jerry’s legacy.

If you keep this up, you will never become a member of the Friends of Jerry (FOJ) Club…….

Anonymous said...

You all forget that only "Jerry knows what's best." We're too stupid to understand.

Anonymous said...


It was finally revealed that Sanders and the Chargers/Spanos are in negotiations to relocate the Chargers downtown near Petco Park. They have held several secret meetings. So much for transparency.

Isn't that just wonderful. A city that cannot provide core services to its citizens is looking to spend money on non-essential projects.

Public safety is suffering, roads are not being repaired in a timely manner, water rates increase, etc.

However, Sanders moves forward with legacy projects such as the Chargers stadium, convention center expansion, downtown library and new city hall. Everything centers on downtown! Hummm....
I smell a fat rat.

The City of San Diego and the Sanders administration is a joke. Too bad for the tax payers and city employees.

I do like it how the City Council stuck it to Sanders the other day when he declared an impasse with 127 and MEA on his managed competition. Whenever negotiations don't go his way, he jumps up and declares and impasse, then takes his negotiations team and goes home! He stuck it to you cops that way during your last negotiations. City Council stuck it to you too, but not this time. I think they are beginning to see Jerry's true colors.

Way to go City of San Diego or Enron on the bay......

Anonymous said...

Heck, now the mayor is meeting with the Chargers to build Spanos a playpen near the Padres stadium.

The City has tons of money to throw at millionaires, why not build a structure that the public can use for something other than expensive games that make us the losers anyway? Let's see, a new Chargers stadium to buy for Spanos, the new library to buy for Moore, the new Convention Center and City Hall to buy for the downtown wheeler dealers...

Sanders is Santa Claus to the wealthy. In fact, let's go back further and say that the Egyptian pharaohs had nothing on Sanders for building edifices to their own ego no matter how much it bankrupted the day-to-day needs of the people. Build on!

As for creating new jobs, none of those are permanent jobs, and the stadium offers minimum wage.