Friday, November 13, 2009

Welfare Queen; GED Uneducated Dolts; Cadillac Benefits

These are descriptors of you if you are a city employee; past or present. Do those words cause any reaction? Whose words are these? He goes on, "Well it seems the chickens have come home to roost. All your bitching and whining will do nothing but prove to the taxpayers you're are overpaid crybabies. With a $200M shortfall, you trough feeders will soon be earning what GED uneducated dolts ought to be paid." These words have been written many times by this same individual. He has a bent toward police officers and public employees.

"You only have yourselves to blame...that gold plated cadillac pension program has bankrupted the city. Retiring at age 50 is not sustainable and being gifts of more than you supposed earned for retirement is just another example of government workers sucking the life out of the those of us who have real jobs." The words are crude; written at a mostly 5th grade level and sadly believed by a large, miss-informed public.

Many of our friends, neighbors and even family members have read the lies, twisting and gross exaggerations related to our retirement. The twisting of the General Retirement and Safety Retirement leads most people to believe we are all retiring millionaires at age 50 and never paid a dime as we earned our retirement. "Government workers feeding at the trough at the higher levels is a given but in San Diego its an art. Combine those reductins with a 12 percent pay cut then contribute 50% of the costs of your own retiree medical is whats fair to the taxpayrs who pay your bloated salary and cadillac benefits. Change the retirement age to 60 like the rest of us and get rid of the DB. You loose creditibilty when you want to raise taxes. Welfare queens always want more taxing more is not the answer. Taxpayer have been raped over the years by govment workers now all of you must come back to reality like the rest of us. These changes would reduce the unfunded retirement deficit substantially. But BK is the solution where we can take it all back and bring wages and benefits to a more reasonable rate."

The above written in red (copied exactly as he wrote it) was written by arguably the number one hater of public employees in San Diego; BILLY BOB HENRY. Who is Billy Bob Henry (BBH) and why does he hate city employees? BBH is the pseudo name he uses as he hides behind his computer and bashes employees; chides and harangues those who attempt to correct his inaccurate writings and refuses to identify himself. He purports to be an attorney. One of the many lies he has told. "You loose creditibilty" is not the writing of an individual who obtained a Juris Doctorate.

Over the years BBH has been a prolific poster to various BLOGS on the internet. He was a regular on the Voice of San Diego, always supporting Michael Aguirre and writing caustic, misleading and outright false diatribes about city workers and retirement benefits. BBH often used the pseudo name "Johnny Vegas" when positing on SignonSanDiego. Many theories as to who this coward is have floated here and there. He has said in the past he is a police academy graduate. He has said he does not have a POST certificate (Not even a Basic certificate) but insists he graduated from "a police academy in San Diego." OK, so he graduated but either failed or quit before he completed probation.

He claims to have earned a Juris Doctorate and is a practicing attorney. I will let you be the judge of this claim. The writings above are EXACTLY as he wrote them. I understand sometimes we write faster than we can type and mistakes happen. But the dribble above is so bad in structure, spelling and word use it cannot be explained away as typos or being in a hurry. Maybe a little too much alcohol on board; but the first one was posted on the 11th at 0823 hours and the second on the 12th at 0659 hours. Knowing his past posts, it is possible alcohol was in play, but I actually think he is just a "GED Uneducated Dolt" whose writing in phase training was so poor he failed out and had to go to work for Wackenhut.

I could go on about this poor excuse for a human, but you all get the picture. I want to ask you all to ignore his posts and not pay him any mind. The more attention he gets the worse he gets. I have made it a policy not to delete any posts from others and do not want to start now. He relishes in the attention and this will be the last time I will spend any space here talking about him. Please do the same.

This morning I was talking to another sergeant who told me of an incident yesterday at the Veteran's Day Parade the mayor attended. As the mayor rode along the parade route, a citizen yelled out to him, "Save the Chargers" to which the mayor yelled back, "I'm trying." A lady then yelled out, "Give the police officers a raise" to which the mayor gave a look of disgust, shook his head no and looked away. Priorities, priorities, priorities mayor; you need to get a clue. Convention Center Expansion; Downtown Library; City Hall Taj Mahal are all three high priority items for the mayor. The police department and its employees are not part of the mayor's priorities.

Yesterday the mayor held an impromptu press conference regarding the budget deficit and allowed the few reporters who attended to ask questions. During this exchange the mayor tipped his hand as to the numbers of layoffs to be expected. In a Voice of San Diego article, "Deficit Busting by Attrition" by Liam Dillon, he addressed the mayors comments, although cryptic (as usual) very telling. If eliminating 800 vacant positions is saving only $20 million dollars, what will it take to close the estimated $179 to $200 dollar deficit?


RECALL Jerry Sanders said...

I think it is time to recall the mayor. Three more years of this ignorant jerk will further ruin this city. Who else thinks this is a good idea?

Sanders Hater To said...

RECALL Jerry Sanders has a nice ring to it. I'm in. Where do I sign up? Can we get rif of the 7th floor while we are at it? Find some real leaderswho all have a spine and a brain?

Anonymous said...

Recall Jerry and take Chief Letusdown with him...

Anonymous said...

Funny, when I look at my resume, it includes a Bachelor's degree and a Master's degree....oh, and I did graduate with honors from a real High School. No GED for me. With more than 20 years on SDPD, I am not alone with these qualifications. BBH is probably Jerry's handle!

Sparky, don't you think it is interesting that Jerry said there might be light at the end of the tunnel for city funds? aka, the deficit is not as bad as it originally appeared because City investments have faired better than we expected? Oh, maybe he thinks that will make it more palatable for folks to pay for the new Charger's stadium, the Schoolbrary and the new Gold plated City Hall!


What's even more funny is ALL the chiefs telling everyone there will be no cuts (guaranteed!!!) and there will be no cuts to personnel (guaranteed!!!) and all is well... what planet do they think we are all living on? Do these 6 idiots think we are all that stupid and can't read? We have been the focus of this heathen mayor and he has made if perfectly clear he is going to continue the cuts. We refuse to play his game so he become a vindictive piece of shit.

Get a clue chiefs (Every one of you) we are sick and tired of hearing your bullshit!!! NOT ONE OF YOU has any credibility with the rest of us.

Do us all a favor and shit up if you are not willing to stand in public and tell the truth about crime and the state of this pathetic police department that was once the best in the nation.

Anonymous said...

I'm a PO2 and I have a Bachelors Degree from a respected University (and its not the U. of Phoenix as BBH would like to think). I graduated with honors, and oh yeah, I PASSED FIELD TRAINING years ago. I've also written reports that sealed the fate of many felons now sitting between concrete walls... felons who not even people like BBH and his "J.D" could save. I know you're turned on by all of this BBH, but sorry I'm taken.

I would love to pursue my masters but I can barely pay my bills. I wish we had some chiefs who would stand up to the mayor and the council. Look what Chief Bratton did for the LAPD. They werent even liked yet they received raises and their benefits are protected. When he asked for more officers and his request was rejected, he stood up IN FRONT OF CITY HALL before the media, and stated, "What are they thinking in there??! This city desperately needs more police officers." Yet no one will do that here. What will it take? Some riots? Serial killers? The coppers here are very professional and dedicated, yet it seems no one appreciates it. Maybe they need to go live in New Orleans or Detriot to see how bad Public Safety can be to appreciate what they have here (and take for granted everyday).

BBH said...

If you don't like the pay go find a real job in the real world and earn real money.

No one there cares, and taxpayers are tapped out have their own financial worries. With a $200M shortfall this year and potentially more next, you crybabies will just have to suck it up or go someplace else. Cops are a dime a dozen and easily replaced. That's right the Cadillac benefits are over. No more getting more in retirement than we paid more retiring at 50 and sucking the rest of us dry for 30 or more years.

There's an oversupply of GED educated high schooler ready to take your place.