Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Fire is Lit

I have been away for some time now and after a number of attempts to write about my rants and musings, I have found me desire to begin anew. In the coming days I will begin posting again and rant about the myriad of topics so prevalent in the public eye. I am going to also bring light to some of those things not so public and seldom seen or heard by the public's eyes and ears.

Prior to taking leave of my rants, I maintained a hands off when it came to department politics and goings on. I have spent an enormous amount of time researching this area and no longer view this area as I once did when it comes to providing opinion or comment on those hot topic issues boiling in so many minds.

I spent four hours tonight writing my first piece, only to have it fade into infinity for some unknown reason, other than a program or computer glitch. I will take time in the morning to re-create the rant and post it during the day on Friday, January 21, 2011. As a preview, take a look at this, "YouTube."

Be safe and feel free to chime in on topics of interest or political goings on you wish to be vetted in the arena of public opinion. Whose line is that anyway?


Anonymous said...

WELCOME BACK!!!! You were missed.........

Mike said...

Hey Sparky... welcome back. Great to see your post this morning. We can't wait to read your take on where this department is going.

Glad to see you are back in the groove.

Dee said...

Glad you're back, Sparky!!