Friday, May 1, 2009

People Connecting the Dots!!!!

I was reading letters from the Voice of San Diego and came across these comments to a letter written by Robert Davis. Mr. Davis is questioning the mayor's secret committee meetings Pension Committee's Meetings . It appears people are starting to connect the dots around the mayor. It should prove very interesting to see what the final picture looks like when colored by the people who see clearly what is going on at City Hall. Below are several of the replies to Mr. Davis' letter.

Rani Gupta ran an article titled "Disengenuous at Best" link Which contains this quote from the mayor's spokeswoman, Rachel Laing saying; "the committee has "no decision-making power and is not giving a recommendation to anyone with decision-making power on the issue." This just begs the question, why in the @##$% are we spending time and money on this committee? And to follow, what is the purpose of an ethics committee?

Posted by Gene

Same Approach Needs Disinformation, Excesses Require Secrecy. S-A-N-D-E-R-S.

Posted by N. Dynamite

Use to be that when the powerful few were revealed to have brokered deals and manipulated the rules to benefit themselves--er, got caught, they were appropriately shame-faced and apologetic. Not now. They seem to do as they damn well please, blithely, without even a hint of remorse or embarrassment. It is a new style of governance. In addition to the "corridor" study for the pension fund, I would like to nominate the hijacking of Prop S bond funds by the SDUSD trustees, Jackson, Barrera and Evans as theft, plain and ugly. They and the unions are dealing our tax dollars away as you read this. Without any oversight or input from anyone. Which person at the District has ever negotiated a PLA? Government is rolling over us; we've reached a tipping point and are descending into free fall.

Such behavior by the Mayor can only lead to no good. As the noted English jurist, Sir John Cadwick, observed 20 years ago; "Secrecy (in public affairs) is the badge of fraud." The contrast between the Mayor's secret machinations and the Pension Board's transparency could not be more apparent.

Posted by William

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. It's the Pete Wilson gang still; the faces just change to protect the guilty.

Posted by GHJohn

There are so many more examples of the mayor only sharing information on a "need to know" basis. Information is power and the best was to have more power than the people is to keep information from them. It is a pattern folks. It is a core value of a person. This mayor will never let go of the power.

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*Kristine* said...

I hope that invididuals will continue to pick up on the links between the Mayor and what is going on.