Friday, May 1, 2009

Sergeant Reggie Frank Retires

One of the good guys called it quits tonight. Sergeant Reggie Frank celebrated his retirement from the San Diego Police Department after 30+ years of service to the citizens of San Diego. My first memories of Sergeant Frank date back to 1986 when I was assigned to the Narcotics Street Team as a Detective. Reggie was my Sergeant on a team of five young, hard charging, and at times rebellious Investigators. We were assigned to narcotics at a time when Rock Cocaine was being sold by Los Angeles Gangs and the police department was trying to play catch up. Wild and crazy times; working 12 to 18 hours a day, search warrants every day and the occasional B & R. There was also a trip to the Los Angeles Police Academy Bar to meet up with an officer who had left San Diego for the "BIGS." The "Statute of Limitations" applies; but let's just leave it at that. On this trip we ended up on Sunset Blvd and the Tommy Burger and somehow Reggie got left behind and had to use his charm, influence and police badge to hop a Greyhound Bus home. I think if my memory serves me; our Lieutenant at the time had to drive down to the bus terminal to pick Reggie up and loan him the money to pay his fare. (I remember sitting at my desk when the Lieutenant came out of his office and asked if anyoen knew where Reggie was. 10 minutes later he got the call to go get Reggie)

After a couple of years of the wild times in Narcotics it was time to leave. Reggie headed off to Internal Affairs and I went to Northern Investigations. Two years later we were re-united in the Robbery Investigations Unit. Wild times again. Series after series kept up working long hours and never having much time for fun. We had both matured and grown in our abilities. Several memorable series and cases. The "A's Bandit" who was robbing banks at a pace never before seen in San Diego. The "Shooter" who was robbing gas stations, hotels and small liquor stores and shooting at the clerks (hitting three). The late night series; where one night while staking out several locations they hit in Rancho Bernardo; a Robbery Detective watching (cover miles away) begins to follow the suspects as they leave; the suspects make the detective and to elude capture the suspects get on the 15 freeway and after a short distance make a u-turn. The suspects were caught later. (That is all I will say on this case) There was the kidnapping of the daughter of a prominent family in San Diego. Two days of calls from the kidnapper and a lucky break we capture the suspect and get the daughter back safely. A total team effort and Reggie right there leading the way.

Reggie was a former SWAT member and his knowledge of tactics kept us all safe. Reggie was a hard charger and demanded his people be as well. He never asked his people to something he was not willing to do himself. He had a quick wit and a playful humorous side. He was also a serious, professional task master. He gave a lot and got a lot out of his people and he always took care of us. Reggie was and is "One of the GOOD Guys."

Sergeant Reggie Frank takes 30+ years of experience, dedication and knowledge with him as he heads into retirement. Reggie will be missed. His retirement party tonight was attended by well over 250 people at the "Old Rock House" San Diego Police Pistol Range. Young and old came to pay respect and honor a man. Many speeches, toasts and laughs were shared.

To Sergeant Reggie Frank; I raise my glass high and toast you; "Thank you and God Bless you." Enjoy your retirement Reggie, you earned it!!!!

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