Friday, June 19, 2009

The Exodus is in Full Swing

  • Antoine "Tony" El-Assis         Traffic Motor        25 Years Service
  • Carlos Chacon            Detective / Sergeant    33 Years Service
  • Jeffrey Fellows            Detective / Sergeant    34 Years Service
  • Michael McCollough        Traffic Inv Sergeant    29 Years Service
  • Max Verduzzco            Traffic Inv Sergeant    30 Years Service
  • Robert Rohde            Traffic Inv Agent    34 Years Service
  • Bryan Manning            Traffic Inv Detective    22 Years Service
  • Kenneth Hofer            Police Officer II        29 Years Service
  • Curtis Perkins            Traffic Motor        29 Years Service
  • Stephen Webb            Traffic Motor        29 Years Service
  • William "Bill" Day        Traffic Motor        27 Years Service
  • Darryl Emerson            Traffic Motor        22 Years Service
  • Dave Hoffman            Police Officer II        29 Years Service

The above members of the department bid farewell on Wednesday, June 17, 2009. Friends, colleagues and family joined in a celebration to wish them all well in retirement at the Recital Hall in the Palisades Building at Balboa Park. Many laughs, tears and stories were shared during the recognition of 402 years of dedicated service to the citizens of San Diego.

  • Steve Robinson            Detective / Sergeant    30 Years Service
  • Sharon McNair            Detective / Sergeant    24 Years Service
  • Ted Kasinak            Detective         35 Years Service
  • Dave Walker            Detective        29 Years Service
  • Ed Martinez            Agent            29 Years Service
  • Mike Kroesch            Police Officer II        25 Years Service
  • David Lyall            Police Officer II        28 Years Service
  • Scott Lawford            Police Officer II        24 Years Service

The above members of the department bid farewell this evening, Friday, June 19, 2009. Friends, colleagues and family joined in a celebration to wish them all well in retirement in the Hall at the SDPOA. Many laughs, tears and stories were shared during the recognition of 224 years of dedicated service to the citizens of San Diego.

  • John Teft            Sergeant        30+ Years Service
  • Steve Sloan            Detective        30+ Years Service
  • Joseph Wood            Detective / Sergeant    31 Years Service

Steve celebrated his retirement with a gathering at the Rock House at the San Diego Police Pistol Range on Thursday, June 18, 2009. Steve served as a Director for many years on the SDPOA Board of Directors, serving the members and representing us during negotiations. John celebrated his retirement with a gathering at the same location, Friday, June 19, 2009. Many OMBAC friends, family and co-workers joined in wishing John well in retirement. Joe will be celebrating his retirement at the SDPOA Hall on Saturday, June 20, 2009, at 1500 hours. Joe ended his long career working as a Detective Sergeant in Internal Affairs. He will be joined by many family, friends and co-workers to send him off to retirement and wish him well.

The twenty-four (24) dedicated Police Officers above have provided a combined 717+ years of service to the Citizens of San Diego. These men and women have given the best part of their lives ensuring the safety of people they do not know. Each will tell you they did the job because they loved it and could think of nothing more satisfying than fulfilling their responsibilities as a police officer. None of them joined the department for the money or the benefits. They were called to the job for many reasons; most saying because they wanted to make a difference. They will all tell you they are leaving because the promises made by those they served have been broken and they cannot continue to serve and risk the loss of retiree medical insurance for themselves and their family. Few were ready or wanting to retire.

They each can stand tall and be proud of their service, dedication and commitment to the Citizens of San Diego. I wish to say "THANK-YOU" from the citizens and co-workers who had the pleasure and honor of working with you all. Enjoy another 30 years of happiness and joy and remember you were one of the good guys who made a difference. You will be missed greatly!!!!


Sanders is a Joke said...

Congratulations and Good Luck!!!!

You will ALL be missed...


Beat And Release said...

My department is struggling through the same loss of personnel and experience. We aren't union and we got hosed on our insurance. Now, staying past 25 years only earns you a small percentage in benefit. It's not worth it. Health insurance was the major selling point for this department and was the reason many of us stayed on during the 'ugly' years. I suspect it's going to be harder to replace that experience now. After all, in effect, I now bring home the same amount of money I brought home six year ago. Oh, and no pay raise this year, either. "But you guys keep producing stats and be happy to have a job." Yeah, right.

At least we will have a LOT of open spaces for all the Wolf Pack to get promoted into.

Anonymous said...

you aren't too far from me and I had heard a little about this...but didn't realize it was numbers like that. Don't know how you found my blog but thx.

Anonymous said...

Here's a list of (92) sworn SDPD personnel who have paperwork done with SDCERS. The date is the day they're retiring. This INCOMPLETE list represents MORE THAN 2500 years of experience. THAT'S CORRECT more than 2500 years. Remember Sanders says youthful enthusiasm replaces experience officers.

Sabin Abrams Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Laurie Agnew Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Mark Annis Agent 6/30/2009
John Austin Detective 6/13/2009
Daniel Boldt Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Donald Borinski Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Arthur Bowen Sergeant 6/13/2009
Donald Brackrog Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Atruro Campa Sergeant 6/27/2009
Carlos Chacon Police Sergeant 6/27/2009
Luis Colon Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Victor Colvin Police Sergeant 6/30/2009
Robert Connaughy Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Lisa M. Cook Police Officer II 6/22/2009
Laurie Curran Police Sergeant 6/13/2009
Mark Dallezotte Police Sergeant 6/27/2009
Robert Dare Police Sergeant 6/27/2009
Darby Darrow Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Robert Davis Police Officer II 6/27/2009
William Day Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Marianne Dougherty Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Antoine (Tony) El-Assis Police Officer II 6/13/2009
Daniel Ellison Police Sergeant 6/27/2009
Darryl Emerson Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Ernesto Encinas Police Detective 6/27/2009
James Farrar Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Jeffrey Fellows Sergeant 6/30/2009
Reginald Frank Sergeant 6/7/2009
Ralph Garcia Jr. Police Sergeant 6/27/2009
James Gavin Sergeant Detective 6/27/200
Edwin Hall Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Daniel Hatfield Police Officer II 6/15/2009
Kathleen Healey Captain 6/29/2009
Robert Hendrix Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Randall Henrizi Police Officer II 6/29/2009
Ken Hofer Police Officer II 6/27/2009
David Hoffman Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Scott Johnston Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Theodore Kasinak Police Detective 6/27/2009
George Kathan Police Officer II 6/20/2009
David Kersch Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Mark Keyser Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Nancy Kulinski Police Detective Sergeant 6/13/2009
James Kurupas Lieutenant 6/13/2009
Darrell Kyler Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Scott Lawford Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Anthony Linardi Police Officer II 6/13/2009
Darrell Little Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Earl Lokers Construction Engineer 6/27/2009
Robert Lopez Sergeant 6/27/2009
Charles D. Lyall Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Bryan W. Manning Police Detective 6/27/2009
Charles Marks Jr. Harbor Police Sergeant 6/30/2009
Philip Martz Sergeant 6/27/2009
Michael Mc Collough Sergeant 6/13/2009
James Mc Ghee Detective 6/27/2009
Sharon Mc Nair Detective Sergeant 6/27/2009
Cheryl Meyers Assistant Police Chief 6/13/2009
Peter Morales Sergeant 6/13/2009
Victor Morel Police Detective 6/27/2009
Craig Myrom Police Officer II 6/27/2009
William Nemec Sergeant 6/13/2009
Warren Nolan Detective 6/27/2009
Thomas Orden Lieutenant 6/13/200
Lee Orsino Police Officer 6/13/2009
Michael Parga Sergeant 6/27/2009
Curtis Perkins Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Ronald Raddetz Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Thomas Rhodes Police Officer II 6/13/2009
Julian Rico Detective 6/27/2009
Andres Rios Police Sergeant 6/27/2009
Juan Rivera Sergeant 6/30/2009
Maria Rivera Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Steve Robinson Sergeant 6/13/2009
Robert Rohde Agent 6/30/2009
Edward Rosenbloom Sergeant 6/30/2009
John Russell Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Mary Sandoval Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Jeffrey Sferra Lieutenant 6/27/2009
Gregory Sloan Sergeant 6/13/2009
Joseph Smith Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Stephen Stone Sergeant 6/27/2009
John Tefft Police Officer II 6/27/2009
Karen-Anne Tenney Lieutenant 6/27/2009
Frances Tessmer Library Assistant 6/27/2009
Joycelyn Thomas Police Officer II 6/30/2009
Kerry Tom Police Sergeant 6/30/2009
Max Verduzco Sergeant 6/27/2009
Stephen Webb Police Office II 5/19/2009
Diane Wendell Sergeant 6/30/2009
Alphonso Williams Police Officer II 5/30/2009
Lawrence Wilson Police Officer II 6/27/2009

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and THANK YOU for your service to San Diego, and its citizens. Now its YOUR time flourish and thrive. Do your very best to enjoy your retirement years and whatever YOU want to do.

Since most, if not all, of you are in your early 50's let's all do our very best to set new records as part of the baby boomer generation for good health and long life. You've worked hard keeping San Diego safe, you've lowered the crime rate year after year and earned every penny of the pension dollars over the next 40 to 50 years.

Anonymous said...

Thanks and Congratulations just doesn't seem adequate in trying to make all of you feel good about having to walk away under these circumstances. It is impossible to comprehend and wrap your heart and mind around the significance of this loss - I keep waiting for the explosion or the hammer to drop, but somehow I feel we will just plod along in a somber stupor until we find our way again.

I hope that each and every one of you realizes how much we respect and honor your service, knowledge and expertise - somthing that can never be replaced by new, enthusiastic officers! Please enjoy your well-earned retirements and keep us in your prayers.

God Bless you all!