Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Oath of Law Enforcement

The assault of employees continues by San Diego's mayor. There is no let up in sight and the writings are on the wall. Can someone stop by the 3rd Floor of Headquarters and see if one of the Graffiti Task Force Detectives can look into these writings? I can't help but think, based on past behaviors, the mayor and his minions won't use spray paint to boast of the next assault, like the graffiti from Logan or Shell Town gangsters when boasting of their many crimes. Seems the mayor and his staff are boasting of things to come for MEA and Firefighters Local 145. If you missed today's revelation in the Union Tribune; "Benefits for ex-city employees examined" you should take a few minutes and read it.

The disingenuous comments and pathetic argument put forth by the mayor and his minion Goldstone related to "Terminal Leave" is but another benefit under attack. To say "I told you so" is little consolation to the destruction one individual has been able to reek upon a once proud group of civil servants. The mayor; once a police officer, sued to get promoted to sergeant; sued again to get promoted to lieutenant; then promoted to captain; followed by his promotion to deputy chief then assistant chief and then the chief; it is absolutely pathetic and offensive to hear references to him and his time wearing a badge. Over the years we have had police officers go bad and commit crimes; giving a black eye to every man and woman wearing a blue uniform and the badge of a police officer. We did our level best to put on a professional face and work a little harder to re-build and re-gain the trust of the public we serve when these few failed in their oath and promise to never betray the badge, their integrity or public trust. Never has a police officer ever gone as bad as the ex-chief, now mayor. We have had those convicted of murder and rape; so for me to make such a comment is a strong statement of where we are today.

Many of you remember the International Association of Chiefs of Police or IACP. The mayor knows the group and their ideology. The IACP is very high on ethics and honor and promotes agencies re-affirming their oath on a regular basis to keep it fresh in every police officers mind. IACP'S oath, used by agencies world-wide is as follows;

On my honor,
I will never betray my badge,
my integrity, my character,
or the public trust.
I will always have
the courage to hold myself
and others accountable for our actions.
I will always uphold the constitution
my community and the agency I serve.

They follow the oath with definitions of the words in the oath;

Honor means that one's word is given as a guarantee.
Betray is defined as breaking faith with the public trust.
Badge is the symbol of your office.
Integrity is being the same person in both private and public life.
Character means the qualities that distinguish an individual.
Public trust is a charge of duty imposed in faith toward those you serve.
Courage is having the strength to withstand unethical pressure, fear or danger.
Accountability means that you are answerable and responsible to your oath of office.
Community is the jurisdiction and citizens served

I started this post wanting to point out the threats to the rest of the city work force by the mayor. Local 127 SEIU and the SDPOA had "Terminal Leave" stripped from us for our refusal to play along with the mayor's antics during the last round of negotiations. As has been his history, the mayor went all out in his assault on police officers and now blue collar workers for our refusal to kneel and kiss the ring of the master. They have seen the wrath of the egotist and his vindictive and destructive manner when not getting his way. SEIU and the SDPOA had far more TAKEN from them than the other unions who, for whatever reason, bowed and kissed the master's ring and signed contracts. The more I write about this, the more I come back to my thoughts of the "Battle of the Badges." OK I digress again, sorry.

The thing I have learned in my 30 years in law enforcement and just shy of 53 years on this earth, is a person either possesses honor; integrity; character; and courage or they don't. I have learned that a person who lacks honor; integrity; character or courage, NEVER had it and NEVER WILL. In my opinion, a person is born with these characteristics and they are re-enforced by their upbringing. A person who is honorable and acts with integrity, character and courage acts as such when alone or in a group and in all their words and actions. A person who lacks honor is not capable of acting with integrity, character or courage.

The mayor has proven over and over again his lack of integrity and character. His first statements when seeking election to fill Mayor Murphy's seat, told the entire story of the individual who is now the mayor. To refresh; when questioned about his statements and stand on the DROP and SDCERS Benefits and why he jumped on the band wagon rather than tell the truth about these benefits; he replied, "I won't get elected telling the truth. It's politics." He showed his lack of courage and character from the very beginning. He showed his cowardice and lack of character when he admitted his need and desire to perpetuate further lies and miss-truths about employee benefits and the DROP. His true lack of integrity, shown clear for all to see, and yet in San Diego seemed normal and acceptable to voters, who were blinded by a past title and the lore of stripping the civil servants of the perceived, "Cadillac Benefits." Little did people know what they were in for?

The mayor has fostered a culture lacking honor; integrity; character and courage. His actions and words have become a daily attack of workers and their benefits. His true character emits a total lack of integrity; bearing no sign of courage to do what's right; and his ego prevents him from doing the honorable thing and resigning his office to allow the City to try as it will to find a person of honor who acts with integrity; character and courage. There is no hope for this mayor to rekindle or repair his ability to lead this city. He has lost completely the trust and faith of EVERY worker in the City of San Diego. It is a sad time for San Diego; falling further and further into the abyss of hopeless despair. Go back and read the oath of law enforcement and the definitions. This is who we are; who is he?


Beat And Release said...

I work in a non-union "right to work" state. As a result the public sector gets hosed quite often. Even as our wonderful mayor and council were promising potential new hire of the 'wonderful' insurance benefits they were making plans to cut them.

As a result, my paycheck has been set back to what I was making six years ago. Oh...and they're charging us for gasoline because we have assigned patrol units we take home. There is another year off my pay.

I asked how they expected me to motivate my troops when all the admin bitched about was increased stats while they cut our benefits and nitpicked us all to hell. I was told, "Tell 'em they get to keep their job." Yeah, great motivator there, given the current conditions.

Retired said...

Every word is so very true. Your analysis of Sanders and his actions are spot on 100% accurate. I love your insight and the comparisons you use. Sanders is a complete ass who should be re-called. Keep the stories coming Sparky, we love them.

Anonymous said...

It's time to fire back at the City, the Mayor's office and Jerry Sanders, the mindless marionette, a puppet controlled from the nameless power brokers who've pull the strings for years.

Here's your chance educate yourself, to read, to learn, to understand but, more importantly, to answer when challenged in an articulate way. And do so WITH convincing argument of facts, not the fiction being fed by the media to ignorant public who blindly follows and believe what they head without any for inquiry.

I ask you to take look at and read the latest filing from Mr. Conger in our litigation against the City. Mr. Conger lays it all out over 35 pages that will take 20 minutes of your life to have the best grasp of the facts. His arguments, facts and supporting citations are undeniable.
Here is the link:"

Anonymous said...

Ya know I don't know if it's me or the software behind this blog... but it the link didn't work. Here it is ...just copy and paste it into your browser...

Spanky said...

Steve he had no integrity or ethics as a cop... Repeated affairs a drunk driving incident and two law suits to get promoted says it all. Lest we all forget "Jerry's Kids" and his playing favorites at others expense. Jerry Sanders is exactly as described in this post. Nice job Steve!

Anonymous said...

I was a SWAT supervisor, working under the Command of Jerry Sanders. He was a pompous, arrogant ass then, just as he is now. Talk about a Jekyll & Hyde! This man has no integrity.
He will rot in hell.


I worked for the son of a bitch also. I was at San Ysidro & a SWAT member at the time. The arrogant asshole cost additional live when, as he drove to the scene he rescinded the green light to take Hubert out and stop that and man. Chuck Foster could have ended much sooner if that egotistical ass had kept his stupid mouth shut and trusted those of us there to do our job. He cost lives that day and I will never forget it. He is a pathetic excuse for a human. How dies he look at himself in the mirror?
Keep up the great work Steve. I never much cared for you Steve but I have to say that I was wrong about you. You don't care about yourself. We all owe you a huge thank you for saying what we all want to say and for fighting for us all these years. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Is that a true fact that prior to the mayor's arrival at the scene he rescinded the decisions of the officers on the scene to end Huberty's killing by shooting him? If that's true the mayor’s a disgrace to the police department, and SWAT! SWAT Officers were, and still are, selected for their excellent judgment and ability to make clear decisions in stressful life-threatening situations. To countermand a decision to shoot a killer who is actively shooting victims before arriving at the scene is unconscionable! If it's true the future mayor should have been fired on the spot for stupidity. If one of my family members had been a victim of that massacre I would have personally taken action to see that the future mayor would never have remained on the police department. What was he thinking? SWAT members train for these life-threatening situations, and are prepared to make life saving decisions in a fraction of a second. To take away their that ability to evaluate an active shooting scene is essence it to sentence civilian victims and/or others to death! This new information is very disturbing to me, but not surprising after knowing the mayor for so many years.

Sanders is a Joke said...

YES, it is true, then Lieutenant Sanders rescinded the "green light" given to a sniper (Chuck Foster) to eliminate Huberty and stop the killing. Sanders has given his reasons which do not hold water. Many of the SWAT members present at the McDonald's that day have zero respect for him.
There was a reason the Captains, Commanders and Chiefs would not promote him in the early years. He sued to get promoted because he was a good test taker. The leadership at the time saw him for what he was. They knew then what we know now.

BT/DT said...

Anyone who doubts Sanders cost more lives that day should do some research and find out. He did exactly what the poster said; he rescinded the green light until he arrived on scene. The man is a pathetic individual. He is everything Sparky and the others have written. I am now retiring and moving out of state. I no longer have to worry about or read about the fat ass mayor who ruined the department I gave over half my life for.

Anonymous said...

Was there ever any investigation of the mayor's actions in this incident. Were the victim's families ever made aware of his stupid self-serving call. I hope he's haunted for all eternity, as he apparently sentenced some of the victims to an early eternity!

Anonymous said...

Charles Lloyd "Chuck" Foster is a British-American Guardian Angel. He and his partner Barry Bennett is the Frick and Frack of San Ysidro heroes. William Barnett Kolender, the police chief is now retired as a Sheriff of San Diego. Needless to say, Foster's first two names means Man and Gary and his name is like Gray Man.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Needless to say, Foster's first two names means Man and Gray and his name is like Gray Man.