Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kiss that part of my body I use for sitting!!!!!

I enjoyed a nice hike this morning on Iron Mountain. Cloudy and cool... Great hiking weather... I got home and sat down to eat some breakfast and opened the paper and made it to the "Letter to the Editor" section. Before I begin my diatribe I will share with you the two letters that caught my eye...

The first;

Taking offense at councilman's comment
Regarding “Council approves deals with 3 unions” (Our Region, April 22):

San Diego City Council President Ben Hueso speaks of the “enormous gesture” city employees have made by agreeing to a 6 percent reduction in pay and benefits – this, after milking this city dry for decades. The enormous weight of this city's debt can be laid at the feet of the omnipotent city and county employees' unions.

Let's be reminded again of the enormous excesses of the employees DROP program pointed out by the Union-Tribune in a Feb. 13 editorial (“Chop DROP/Pension board must slash payments on city perk”), as well as the double-dipping and dangerous tactics used by the Police Officers Association to deceive the public. We should all be fed up with this. Yes, it's about time. Enormous gesture. You must be kidding.


The Second;

City Council President Ben Hueso said he hopes the public understands what an “enormous gesture” union employees made on their behalf. As one of the 1.2 million residents Hueso refers to as the recipients of this great privilege to enjoy the city employees' efforts, I have this to say: City employees should get on their knees and thank us for the good jobs and benefits. Ask nonunion and self-employed folks how much we'd appreciate only a 6 percent reduction!

BOB GATES of San Diego

If any of you out there know either of these sphincter muscles, please pass along my blog address.

To Bob GATES; I do not consider it a privilege to work for a @-^%&( like you. Trust me, if any of us city employees had a say in this company (City), we would make sure those who receive our services would be paying appropriately for them. You should be thankful your taxes are as low as they are and you receive the services you do at such a discount rate and in some cases pay nothing for the services you receive. City employees did not hold a gun to any ones head when we sat down at the bargaining table during negotiations. We city employees, who actually live in this city, have one vote at the ballot box just like you. No one held a gun to your head when you elected the idiots who's actions put us in this position. City employees had nothing to do with the collapse of the economy nor did we divert the money away from the Retirement System to fund the National Convention, Petco Park, Convention Center Expansion and the many other pet projects of politicians. Every city employee continued to make their contributions into their retirements; NOT knowing the city was not making theirs!!!!

I work hard every day protecting the likes of you and to have to read crap like this causes me to step back and ask myself why. Luckily for you most of us know assholes like you are few and we continue to protect citizens without regard to our own personal safety.

One last thought Bob.... Provide me a mailing address and I will send you the 8 cents you have paid toward my salary and benefits this fiscal year (Yes that's all you have paid me) I quit. I do not need the job of working for someone like you. I find your views and ethics lacking honesty and integrity. If you need someone to help you at a traffic collision or burglary or assault look in the yellow pages under security and hire someone else. I'm sure you can find someone stupid enough to kneel down and thank you for calling and offering them a job!!!

To Tom Holmes;

I will not repeat myself but can't help but laugh at your ignorance. The Union Tribune has not printed factual information related to DROP since it began its drive to create news where there was and is none related to DROP. The DROP is nothing more and no different than what the mayor is doing right now as he collects his salary and receives his retirement benefit. There seems to be no issues with this yet DROP continues to be some sinister fleecing of the taxpayers. FACT; taxpayers pay nothing related to the mayors earned retirement payment. If you have enough time to write a letter to the editor of something you know nothing about, I believe you have enough time to seek out accurate information about what you write. Go to the SDCERS web site and educate yourself on DROP. Educate yourself on its costs, how the benefit works, how it is funded and what effect it has on the City's budget.

The SDPOA is pointing out the dangers facing citizens because of the actions of the mayor. The statements are real and I can assure you crime is going to effect you. City employees did not create this downturn in the economy. No one held a gun to any ones head at the bargaining table. You voted as I did for the representative of your choice.

Let me ask you Tom; did you ever ask for or demand a raise in your working career? Did you ever consider changing jobs, companies, or professions to make more money? What would you have said to your boss when he approached you and said, "I know we promised you medical insurance and a retirement and agreed to match your 401K contribution, but looking at our last quarters profits which are off by 11% we need cut your salary by 6%, eliminate your medical insurance, stop matching your 401K contributions and you need to take three weeks off in the next 12 months with no pay. But, you are one of the lucky ones, you get to keep your job." Would you point out the mismanagement of investments and using the investment earnings for frivolous pet projects instead of putting them back into the company and the excesses in the administration and the fact you are providing services to customers without charging them for these services? How would you feel when you are told to suck it up; at least you have a job and besides you only have to work an additional 10 years to work instead of the planned 5. By the way... your CEO, CFO and other top managers are NOT taking the same 6% cut in pay... their medical insurance is not being cut and they are NOT taking any furlough days off without pay. What would you say or do?

Don't answer because it does not matter. After you become educated about what you write about (AFTER THE FACT) feel free to provide me your mailing address and I will send you the 9 cents (You most assuredly pay higher property taxes in La Jolla, right?) you have paid of my salary this fiscal year; I quit. I no longer wish to work for an idiot like yourself. Get a new yellow pages and find someone there to help you out when your life or the life of a loved one is in danger....

OK... it's time to eat some lunch and do some work around the house. I will be back later to finish my rant about the latest imposed or as I like to say "INSERTED" contract from the mayor. Until then.... have a great Saturday.....

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*Kristine* said...

What the heck is going on in California? First the teachers get shafted now the police are getting it? Those who work the hardest always get paid the least and always get the most grief. How is it always made our fault?