Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Twitter & Mayor Sanders

What a joke. I learned about Twitter a few weeks back while watching a news program about our new president. It appears he and his staff are using this venue to exchange ideas and put information out to the public. I decided to take a look and signed up. I noticed several of our local politicians using the site. I decided to "follow" these elected individuals to see what information they provide and to see how this is used. I added San Diego's Mayor Sanders to my list of people I am "following".

So two days later I am sitting in a training class at the Police Academy attending of all things a "Leadership" course when my Blackberry receives a message. I open the message and I learn the mayor of San Diego is now following ME!!!!! What a JOKE!!!!!!

I had to laugh and as all around me learned of my reason for laughing out loud, they too began to laugh. I learned in short order, there is little if anything Sanders (or one of his minions) is putting out on Twitter that matters. I'm not sure what I expected. I plan on giving it a month to see where this all leads. In the mean time I am going to write here and share my thoughts.

Still waiting for the City to provide information on the latest "Imposed" contract. I am on the fence about retiring before June 30. I am sure the delay in providing information is part of the mayor's plan. The longer he waits to provide information, many more senior, experienced officers, detectives and supervisors will file papers and retire. It is all part of a bigger plan by him to ruin the San Diego Police Department.

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