Monday, April 20, 2009

Let the Rants Begin (April 20, 2009)

I decided to start this blog to vent and write what has not been written. I know this makes little if any sense but I hope to find a cathartic release of my frustration and anger over many things. I have been a police officer for the San Diego Police Department for 30 years now. In these past 30 years I have seen a lot. Death, pain, hatred, discrimination; the lies, games and un-fair treatment. Much of this from within the department at the hands of the City. The deaths caused by an uncaring City Council and Mayor, who for as long as I have been a police officer refuse to acknowledge the critically low staffing. I have watched as 12 of my brothers and sisters died in various incidents. San Diego is the 8th largest city in this nation and we have half the number of officers as the 7th largest city, Phoenix.

This past week, the City Council and Mayor imposed a contract on Police Officers that will reduce salary's by 6%, raise medical benefit payments by 13+%, freeze retiree medical payments and raise the entry level of membes into the Deferred Retirement Option Plan (DROP) to age 55. This imposed contract is criminal and is the final slap in the face of officers.

I will attempt to write every night my thoughts, obeservatons and activities of the day. For those who blush at crass language, blunt words or ranting... you may be better off not returning. For those who find themselves the focus of my rant I say to you; Go look in a mirror. I make no oppologies for my rants or diatribes about you. You earned your place in my Blog....

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