Saturday, May 9, 2009

Can it be fixed?

How do you know something needs to be fixed? Do you to try to use it; find it's not doing what it is suppose to do, before you can fix it? Can you fix it if you don't know it's broken? What if you know it's broken, but don't want anyone to know it's broken; can you fix it without anyone knowing? Maybe just keep quiet and hope no one notices? Maybe it will fix itself?

Experience tells me before you can fix it; you have to acknowledge it's broken. When what you have is wanted and needed by everyone; admitting it's broken is sometimes hard to do. So how do you get management to acknowledge it's broken and begin to fix it, when the owner is telling everyone, it is fine?

What if you have a big project coming due; you know it's broken; the higher ups down play the need to fix it; the customer is floating along thinking everything is fine and a deadline looming; when at the golden hour; you can't deliver the goods because it's broken?

Does it matter what IT is? IT is broken and refusing to acknowledge that fact will NOT make the problem (IT being broken). Who will step up and tell the truth; explain how and why IT is broken; and provide an HONEST account of WHEN IT will be fixed enough, to do what IT is truly suppose to do?

What is IT ?


Retired in 2000 said...

The Sunday, May 10, 2009, edition of the Union Tribune; Our Region; in an article written by Kristina Davis; "100-plus cops might retire before July 1" should give you an answer Sparky. "IT" will continue to be broken. There is no recognition by the mayor or chief. I feel for you all.

On the Fence said...

WTF? The chief said on TV there is no problem. He went on to say investigations will take longer but nothing else will be a problem. Has this guy put his head in the sand? Does the mayor have pictures of the chief doing something? I told my wife if I get hurt or killed at work to sue the mayor, chief and city for not providing a safe environment. Sitting around the office last week one of the Lieutenants said it will take someone getting killed before anything changes. Who will that be?