Friday, May 8, 2009

Mayor Finds Time for American Idol

OK… So the other day the mayor did not think it important to honor fallen police officers by attending the Police Memorial. But he finds it important to appear at Mount Carmel High School for Adam Lambert; American Idol contestant, who graduated from Mount Carmel in 2000. Someone please explain the importance of this event; requiring the attendance of the mayor. Don't get me wrong; I am a huge fan of Adam; I had the pleasure of watching him grow at Mt. Carmel. My daughter attended school with Adam and played in the orchestra that supported the many musicals Adam performed in. But really….

So the mayor finds it appropriate to make Friday, May 8, 2009, Adam Lambert day? What about recognizing the 100+ officers of the San Diego Police Department who have given 30+ years service to the citizens of San Diego?? What recognition are they receiving???

The priorities of this mayor are so out of sync with the communities needs. The mayor continues to show who and what he is made of by his actions. I can't wait to hear Pudgil or Liang's press release on this.


Anonymous said...

Sparky, The Mayor has priorities. Get with it. To coin a mayorial phrase: "The train has left the station." Obviously you missed it!

sparky.sandiego said...

OH, I get he has priorities!! Like I said; his priorities are out of sync with the needs of the community he was elected to serve and the men and women who are tasked with serving that same community. I have no desire to be on a train that is creating the turmoil, destruction and human tragedy; all in the name of politics.