Monday, May 4, 2009

I’m So Sorry mayor

I feel horrible. Before I get into why that is I would like to talk about this BLOG for a minute. I have received over one hundred e-mails related to my BLOG in the short time it has been up. Many (all but three) have provided positive feedback and support for my rants. Thank you all!!! One of the criticism's I received came from a peer, who said I used too many swear words and it took away from what I had written. I went back today and removed the swear words and as I re-read my posts, I really started to feel bad.

This morning I read in the UT the mayor was going to take the same salary cut as all of us; let me see if I can remember exactly what it was he said; "I think what we're saying is, 'We're going to suffer the same way you are,'" "We're trying to be as fair as we can." I will admit I have been hard on the mayor. I have blamed him for not being fair. I said some really nasty things about the mayor. I made it a point to blast the mayor in my, "Do as I say; Not as I do" rant about his taking his salary and not telling anyone; while we are all taking pay and benefit cuts.

I read the headline of the UT article, "Sanders to trim his salary to show solidarity with workers" as I sipped my first cup of coffee. I started to feel ill that I had said all these bad things about the mayor and I may now have to eat my words. What was I going to do now that he is doing this? The mayor was showing he cares and wanted to join us and feel our pain. The mayor is actually getting it. He is proving to us he understands what we are all up against. He is leading by example and showing us all how much he values us by doing this.

The mayor is going to reduce his annual salary of $100,464 by $6,000 to keep his promise that he and other high-level city officials will take pay and benefit cuts similar to us. The mayor said his actions will send us all a message. Wait a minute. I just thought of something. Doesn't the mayor also receive $92,400 from his retirement? Doesn't the mayor receive the MAXIMUM retiree medical benefit (Now frozen after June 30)? There is no cut to his medical insurance! There is no cut to the mayor's retirement check! The mayor will actually receive a 2% INCREASE to his retirement check on July 1; raising his retirement to $94,248. Let's not forget the 13th check also.

What am I thinking? I was feeling bad for my harsh criticism of the mayor. I now see how easy it is for the unknowing public to be swayed. I actually thought the mayor was starting to recognize the need for him to lead by example. Yes, he gets it. He gets how to manipulate the press. He gets how to garner political capital by shifting the mirrors and adding more smoke and actually do nothing. I guess he thinks we are all that gullible.

I have to admit; I was….. NOT

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