Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot - It's Time to Change Party Affiliation

It has taken me a few days to process, what is in the minds of those in the San Diego Republican Committee, who voted to endorse the little rube. I have for some time felt the leaders of the Republican Party have lost touch with reality. The actions of the San Diego Republican Committee, lead by Chairman Tony Krvaric, prove my point. The little rube is simply a more polished, more calculating and slightly more intelligent version of Mike Aguirre. He would not know the real truth about anything, even it if were to hold him down and slap him in the face. He has created firestorm after firestorm with his half truths, fabrications and insinuations. He has proven himself to be a lone wolf who believes his is the best and only way of doing things. He has all the answers and solutions and everyone else is just part of the problem. He has proven he cannot work WITH people to solve problems. He uses his ability to spin and pontificate in a manner that creates raging fires and then sells his solutions as the fix all with short sound bites and half truths that when vetted prove to be wrong and detrimental. Yet Krvaric and company have bought his line of poo and are now his leading supporters.

I look at those seeking the nomination of the Republican Party to challenge the President and I wonder, "This is the best the Republicans have to offer?" If the answer is yes, then clearly there is a problem within the party. The problem starts at the local level. Evidenced by the endorsement of the little rube by San Diego's Republican Committee.

Tony Krvaric, the local chairman of San Diego's Republicans is one shady character. Krvaric seems to attract a lot of attention with his actions. A web page that questions some of his antics was launched not long after he took over as chairman of the San Diego Republican Committee. With the endorsement of the little rube, one has to wonder, what in the world are these people thinking? Krvaric is at it again.

I took a ride to the San Diego County Registrar's office this morning and removed my name from the ranks of the Republican's. I can not support a group who would endorse an individual like the little rube. His actions and the actions of the Republican's are what is wrong with politics in America today. Don't get me wrong, I am no fan of the Democrats either. I believe both parties have lost touch with the average person in America. Those of us who are "middle of the road" thinkers, which in my opinion represent about 50% of American voters, are suffering the consequences of the far right (Republican) and far left (Democrat) in politics. As a police officer I found myself stuck in quick sand when it related to politics. Being a labor representative I found I had Democratic needs and Republican values. The needs and values often clashed when deciding on endorsements and plans of action related to various political issues.

We can sit back and do nothing or we can send a message to the Republican Committee that we are paying attention and their actions are completely crazy and dangerous. I for one am not sold on any of the mayoral candidates, but can relate to the message Nathan Fletcher has put forth so far. I want to hear more from him. I have never been an "Anybody but" type of person, but in this case, I would vote for "ANYBODY BUT" the little rube.


Independent said...

I could not agree with you more Steve. What are these idiots thinking? I think both Republican's and Democrat's need to resign their parties and all become Independent's and make both parties work for our votes.

"Anybody But Carl" has got to be EVERYONE'S mantra. He is much more dangerous and vindictive than Aguirre ever thought of being.

Glad to see you back Sparky!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been asking myself for a long time how our association endorses a Republican only to have the party and the candidate turn on us every time. We're making it easy on these guys. We should endorse the person or party that is looking out for our interest. Simple as that! You turn on us and not only will you pay, but you're party will also pay!

Hank Pfeffer said...

The Little Rube is the kind of guy who WILL get caught. I bet you know the type - it's a character issue.

If elected, a lot of folks will be eagerly watching, ready to barrage him with investigations, lawsuits, etc. He'll be slammed.

He understands power and how to play the game, but he doesn't understand how to avoid making active enemies.

Anonymous said...

Your comments on the Republican Party are true on both the local level and the national level. The party has been hi-jacked by the "Ultra-Right Wing fiscal Zealots" and "Christian Mullahs." Common sense has been removed from the Republican agenda. On the local level the Republicans have come to blaming the San Diego City employees for the cities fiscal situation, while promoting the subsidizing of the downtown Convention Center expansion and a new football stadium with taxpayers money. Sander pushed the "White Elephant Library" (aka New Homeless Center) down the throats of City taxpayers, while ignoring the needs of the local neighborhood libraries. Big "Downtown Rebulican Money" has control of this City, the current Mayor and the "Little Rube."

Keep it up Sparky