Monday, June 8, 2009

Battle of the Badges

I was driving to San Jose today with a colleague to attend a class on Internal Affairs (Don't go there, I don't want to talk about it) and we were chatting about the political climate in San Diego. I likened it to an El Nino; wet, unpredictable, ever changing and seldom for the better. The up side is we are in a drought, and could use the rain so maybe that is not a bad thing. Then we started discussing this BLOG. "What am I going to write about tonight?" I laughed and said I had a few ideas but was not really sure.

Well, I have been thinking all day about the "Battle of the Badges." I started wondering how much fun it would be to get the mayor in the ring. Think of the possibilities; retired chief now mayor taking on his number one antagonist, sergeant at the PD; all money goes to the winners charity choice; three rounds; no save by the bell; 10 oz. gloves; no three knock down rule. I figure he would need six months to train and be able to last that long in a ring. Not that it would matter; I don't think it would last that long anyway. I think we could sell out the venue (any venue); there are a ton of people who would pay to see him get his ass kicked (sadly I think just as many would pay in hopes it was my ass that got kicked) and knocked out. Think of the money that could be raised???

I would donate my share to the SDPOA Widows and Orphans Fund in the name of Jerry Griffin. Jerry has been on my mind a lot of late. He was killed in the line of duty in 2003. Jerry was a friend of mine and we enjoyed many good times and laughs; two trips to Sturgis; several trips to Mammoth, mountain biking; numerous motorcycle rides and rallies; as well as the many trips to his favorite entertainment venue. Jerry's daughter Ashley is graduating from UC Santa Cruz this coming Sunday, with a degree in Marine Biology. To honor her and Jerry, I am going to take a side trip on the way home and attend her graduation. Ashley was the apple of his eye; he loved and cherished his daughter. I hope to be there to show her we will never forget her or her dad.

Did anyone out there see the latest with our illustrious city council? At today's meeting council person Emerald won a "pay-cut reprieve" for her and her fellow council persons and their staffs. With a vote of 5-3 the council approved using $315,000 in reserve funds to stave off the 6% cut the rest of us are taking. Emerald reasoned; "We do need to have resources within council offices to be able to do the legwork necessary to make informed decisions on behalf of the public," she said. "I think these funds are vital to our being able to do our job."
He Marti; I have a news flash for you; we need resources to be able to do our job on behalf of the public and provide for their safety. I hate to burst that freshman bubble you are living in as a council person but YOU ARE NOT THAT IMPORTANT!!! The arrogance of the people elected in San Diego is unspeakable. She is serious about HER needs but has given not a single thought to Public Safety or what is happening in her council district to crime as she plays her little games. Can we add her to the card? I think I could find an able bodied female police officer who would love the opportunity to pound some sense into her. We could make it a dual card.

Then I got to thinking; maybe we could make it a triple. I am doubly sure we could sell out the Cox arena at SDSU if we added Carl De Maio to the card as the third bout on the card. We could get a police officer who would jump at the idea to punish the "Little Rube." Think of the money we could raise for the SDPOA's Widows and Orphans Fund. Is there a promoter in the house?

I think I better get up and do some push-ups and sit ups and start my training. I want to be ready when the mayor accepts my challenge. Until tomorrow; be safe and enjoy life.


Tim the Man said...

I volunteer to get in the ring with Carl. I think he and I weigh about the same and he may be a year or two younger than me. We were talking about this today and you might have hit on something here. A great way to get the word out of what is going on. lets do it!

Anonymous said...

Hey Sparkles, Did you notice that your potential opponent the,“mayor,” is now promoting to build a new “TajMahal” for the incompetent council-morons and him to conduct business. He has located and recommended a developer to pay for the project. You’d think that it would be a San Diego developer, but no. The mayor couldn’t find a competent developer here in San Diego, the simpleton had to go out of state to find a competent developer. This is the new City slogan for employees to recite when their paychecks shrink, and they can’t afford to put their children through college: “No money, no money, no 5% pay cut for council-moron staff, no money, but we have money to build a TajMahal to honor the in competent.” Repeat that ten times and all will be well. Wakeup San Diego the morons and simpletons are running your city and blaming the poor employees. Sparkles see if you can find out if there’s any kickbacks to the local cronies of the mayor from this TajMahal project, or him directly. His friends might have an interest in this out of state developer and they’re hiding the affiliation and money.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sparky I think you are on to something. I would pay to see the mayor knocked silly!!!

Pissed off Mid-City Cop said...

Count me in. I would step into the ring with any of the council people or the mayor. Does not matter to me. I am sick of this stuff. Has anyone really challenged the mayor yet? this is a great idea. This is a great way to publicize the shit going on to. I know you are most likely kidding but this is great!!

Anonymous said...

Sparky - Did you need a remedial IA class or just a legitimate way to refresh your skills and get away from the madness? I've heard that IA classes are really not neccessary, especially for the guy running the shop! While I love reading your experienced and researched dialogues, it might be time to let your blood pressure go back down. Enjoy your trip and thanks for being there for Jerry's daughter on her big day!