Thursday, June 11, 2009

Keeping it Safe

I finished my Internal Affairs "Training" today and took the evening off. Three days of "training" and an evening of relaxation, alcohol and a few laughs. I think it may be inappropriate for me to go much further this evening as the alcohol to plasma ratio may be a bit skewed. To ensure I do not get myself in trouble and in keeping with my pledge to refrain from profane language and maintain a professional BLOG; I will stop here and say "Good Night."

I will return on Friday evening with a post to share my thoughts, rants and impressions of the day. Until then, thank you for checking in and be safe. Remember safety is your responsibility; the mayor has stripped the San Diego Police Department of sufficient officers to provide for your safety. Our ability has been reduced to responding to "Priority" calls for emergency services where a person may be in serious jeopardy of injury… BUT… our ability to respond in a timely fashion even to these calls has been greatly reduced by the exodus of officers created by the mayor's latest imposed contract and elimination of promised benefits.

Good evening and be safe…..


Anonymous said...

We have been discussing the DROP. The justices from the ninth have opined that an employee's "salary" while participating in DROP is NOT a vested benefit.

To me the decision makes the claim that DROP and retiree healthcare are NOT vested benefits, but are contracted benefits, on a contract to contract basis. So once a current contract ends so does the benefit

That's my opinion,what's your?

sparky.sandiego said...

Are you the mayor or goldsmith or aguirre or bob kittle or carl the rube? Simply put your analysis is not correct. The 9th circuit was talking narrowly about the "wages" or "salary" of those who are participating in DROP. There is nothing in the decision opining on the DROP, not being vested. Nice try & wishful thinking on your part.

Regarding the medical insurance your analysis is closer to being accurate... But that issue is not yet settled. There is more to come on that issue.

Keep wishing each of you though... Your pathetic attempts make each of you look like fools when the rulings go against you. When all is said and done you will each be the fools you appear to all. Politics lacking honesty and integrity makes all involved pathetic excuses for humans. The longer this goes on the more pathetic each of you appear.