Saturday, June 13, 2009

DROP “Bottom Line” Illusive

It is refreshing to see a news reporting agency in San Diego refusing to take the word of elected people when writing stories about people, events and issues. My case in point is the latest story by Rani Gupta of the Voice of San Diego; "The DROP Bottom Line" and her questions about DROP and what it costs. Her refusal to accept the numbers of city officials, union members or others is refreshing and hopeful for the truth in journalism in San Diego. Take some time and read her article and you will see what I am speaking of.

Ms. Gupta's questioning is clearly placing stress on the mayor and his minions. Their ability to flippantly pop off with numbers and assertions not based in fact, has finally caught up with them. They are now going to have to justify their baseless babbles in the press, but also court. Did you all note the highlighted third paragraph? This is taken from the mayor's lawsuit against the SDPOA and DROP. Playing fast and loose in legal papers is surely to come back to bite the mayor and city in their collective asses.

I have a prediction of what will soon happen to Ms. Gupta and her ability to get answers to these pointed and hard hitting questions. Ms. Gupta will soon be put on hold when calling for answers to questions; she will have calls go unanswered and not returned; she will be ignored at press conferences; and she will be black listed by the mayor as a person to exclude from receiving any and all information. It will soon be clear how vindictive this person is when someone has the courage to stand up to his antics.

The use of Lamont Ewell's analysis of DROP in 2005, as a basis for argument by those of us who believe in its usefulness is as Gupta points out, far from definitive. Many pieces of the puzzle are missing with this analysis but it is a fair representation of the value of this employee benefit. Ms. Gupta moves past this and the comments of the mayor and his people and demands supported facts; facts that cannot be provided because they do not exist. Ms. Gupta is not beholding to the Downtown Establishment, Republican Party; Lincoln Club or the mayor and his many minions and has shown her ability to sift through the lies and double speak.

There is hope for the future if reporters like Ms. Gupta keep the pressure on and demand facts to answers. Holding those accountable to the public is in the best interest of all of us. If any person entrusted with the taxpayer's money and interest, find it cumbersome or difficult to provide facts to answers, then find another position in life and get out of public office. The taxpayer and all who serve them deserve better.


Anonymous said...

Why is it people can't see the mayor us a liar? It is so obvious the lies being told about DROP & what is going on with public safety. Keep the posts coming Steve.

Secretsalmon said...

It's about time one of the council-morons as for an audited analysis of whether or not DROP is cost neutral, or saving the City money as Lamon Ewell's 2005 report stated. Let me see, 2005 to 2009; four years; accusations of 250 million dollars being lost; four years of untruthful accusations, smear campaigns, finger pointing at employee groups by the unprincipled mayor and council-morons; needless/unwarranted tax expense of hiring and training new police officers to replace the officers being driven away by the lies and unfounded accusations of the mayor and council-morons; it's time someone looks for the truth. Keep it up Steve and VOSD!

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Ms. Gupta for actually doing some investigative reporting! She is an anonomoly in today's media climate and should be proud. Her reporting also reveals a studied understanding of the financial implications. I would have to agree though that she will soon be slowed down or locked-out as she continues to reveal the "non-truths" that are being propogated by the Mayor and his supporters. Steve, we can only hope that citizens have discovered your blog and are at least reading the information you are sharing. It is impossible for us to have a real voice in the public arena, and anything we attempt to say is dispelled as disgruntled employees. If only the citizens of San Diego really knew what they are facing for the summer, when the economy is at its worst in many years. My only prayer is that our officers remember to adhere to policies and officer safety practices! I have been to enough officer funerals and do not wish to attend any more...

Northeastern Copper said...

Steve you are a ray of sunshine to this myth created by the Union Tribune and Republican Power machine. Keep the pressure on and shine that light on the mayor and his cronies. Why the public can't see all this crap and what has been going on since the 1980's is beyond belief. Thanks Steve for your efforts.

Like the last person to post a comment I have been to too many fellow officer funerals and fear we are in for more since the mayor has forced so many to leave. I pray history does not repeat itself.

Dan said...

Mike Conger is our best hope to win this case. I have watched him win retirement cases in the past. He understands the systems and the law. Maybe now the truth will be told and the taxpayers will turn on the idiots at city hall. I have friends who believe all the crap in the paper and in TV. I hate talking about it because they have all been brain washed.
Thanks Sparky for the pressure you have put on the mayor and city hall.

Anonymous said...

The bottom line is not illusive but hidden from view by the mayor. He does not want it out in public for anyone to see because he knows full well the facts do not support his bullshit.

Keep hammering him Steve. You seem to be the only one who has been able to put enough information together in a rational manner that has bruised him and kept him off guard.

It is very obvious the press is starting to read this blog and taking the information to educate themselves and ask questions and demand answers. DON'T STOP STEVE!

Anonymous said...

Finally!!! Someone is telling the truth and asking questions and demanding factual answers and proof. Finally!!!

Go Sparky!!!

Bill Farrar said...


I sent this e-mail Saturday. Still awaiting a reply.

Good morning Ms. Gupta:

May I suggest you or someone from your organization conduct your own
investigation into the cost of DROP. The Ewell 2005 report with the $45 million
figure would be a good place to begin.

The concept is so simple. The City pays a portion of the retirement contribution
for an active employee. When the employee enters the DROP program that
contribution is drastically reduced. The employee continues to work for as much
as five years.

I am a past president of the POA and the current president of the Retired Fire
and Police Association. I would be willing to chat with you as I'm sure current
directors of the POA would be.

I've always said you can't explain DROP in a sound bite. The U-T will never
report accurately on DROP as it would undermine Mr. Kittle's editorial position.

Do the taxpayers of San Diego a service and dig into this.

Bill Farrar

sparky.sandiego said...

Outstanding letter Bill. We need more people to help keep this in the public's eye and demand truth in reporting and honest facts. When we see incorrect or false information, immediately correct the item in a professional and articulate manner.