Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The mayor AKA Chicken-Little?

Tell me the mayor of San Diego does not remind you of the picture you have in your mind as I describe Chicken-Little; running around screaming and crying and yelling the sky is falling? San Diego is defined in this State as well as the Nation by the words and actions of its mayor. San Diego is the second largest city in the State of California and the 7th largest city in the nation and yet we have the biggest (you supply your own descriptor) as our mayor. How many of you caught Chicken-Little's comments, regarding the Governor's plan to take money from the City to close the State's budget gap? Chicken-Little is now telling taxpayers/citizens if the Governor takes the money he is planning on taking, Chicken-Little will have to lay off as many as 124 police officers and just as many firefighters. Police officers cannot strike by law because the legislature believed the public's safety was so important and cherished, we must endure imposed contracts and poor treatment at the hands of city and county politicians with little if any recourse. It appears clear Chicken-Little does not have the same belief as the legislators who crafted the law against law enforcement strikes.

Who is this (again, you provide the descriptor) kidding when he threatens laying off 124 police officers and an equal number of fire fighters? Chicken-Little is again pandering to the press and making statements not based in any semblance of reality. Reality today is our streets will not be maintained and will fall further into disrepair; libraries will be opened fewer hours if at all; longer lines will be common place when seeking permits and licenses; beaches will be cleaned less often; storefront offices will be closed and abandoned; deferred building maintenance will be put off or eliminated all together; fire inspections will be eliminated; community pools, skate parks, and libraries will be closed for the summer.

When is Chicken-Little going to start at least acting, like the mayor of the second largest city in California and doing what is right? While painful and unpopular; shutting libraries, parks, and pools; eliminating deferred maintenance and street repairs; as well as eliminating Community Storefronts and other City Services must be done long before even thinking of eliminating a single police officer or firefighter. It is completely asinine to even suggest laying off ONE SINGLE police officer or firefighter. Chicken-Little's mere utterance of such a thought, suggests his total and complete disregard for the citizens of San Diego and a clear picture of his integrity and competence.

Enough has been done to impact the public's safety and the Police and Fire Department's ability to provide services to the taxpayer. The legislature saw fit to bar law enforcement from striking for a reason. This same reason would apply to any such thought of layoffs of police officers and firefighters in San Diego. The posturing and playing to the press is pathetic and has become tiresome in the face of continued battering of the employee. The Chicken-Little
mayor is digging a deeper hole for himself every day. Day in and day out he places blame directly or in-directly on the employees of the City of San Diego. Employees have been affected emotionally, physically and psychologically by the continued battering at the hands of the city's Chicken-Little mayor. Most batterers are arrested and prosecuted for their abuses. When will this batterer be removed from and barred from further infliction of pain in San Diego?

Until the mayor, city council, city attorney and the elected state representatives, ALL take a reduction to wages and benefits; eliminate perks and fat from their offices (drivers, free coffee and meals, trips at taxpayer expense, body guards, vehicle allowances, trimming of their staffs) any further reductions to law enforcement and fire is unacceptable and CRIMINAL.

One last note; the sky is not falling as Chicken-Little declares. The stuff falling from the sky is the remnants and contents of the outhouse (City of San Diego) the mayor has blown up. Don't look up until Chicken-Little mayor is out of office.


RetiredJuvyDick said...

Steve, once again you've created a great article. It's time ALL of us (both active and retired) begin a letter writing campaign regarding the truth.

Actual numbers would be a start: The way I figure it, if the mayor follows through on his threat there would be only 1522 left department wide.

2128 budgeted - 164 under budget = 1964. -151 ML/LD etc = 1813 - 50 in academy = 1763 - 117 going so far in current exodus = 1646 - 124 Jerry threatens to lay off = 1,522 all ranks for 1,255,540.

This has got to stop!! O yeah! The Reserve Office is taking applicants, but hurry so you don't have to go through the background checks.


Pissed off Mid-City Cop said...

This is some shit! The mayor is an asshole. What the $%&@ does he think we are going to do if he cuts ANOTHER 124 or whatever from us? When does this become an unsafe, hostile work environment? Enough already!! Why is the POA silent on all of this? Why is it you can get this information out like you do and the POA is hours, days, weeks behind? Why are we still members? I want someone who is going to fight for us and speak up. I don't like it that Lansdowne doesn't fight for us but I understand he is a politician too. Can you tell I am frustrated? My whole squad is tired of this. I have been around here for 12 years and this is bad. I don't know how much more I can take.

Anonymous said...

I recommend that the response from officers should be to follow safety rules to the letter. Wait for back-up in all situations. This includes planning traffic stops for tickets etc. In addition to your safety you have to take into consideration that the DA will prosecute you if you try and defend yourself from a threat. It's imperative to be safe at all times. Stop and wait for your cover two blocks from the scene of any crime. Never drive to the scene and wait. Routine traffic tickets are dangerous and you should have cover there when you make the stop, not arriving a couple of minutes later. That wait could be too late and place you in danger, if not from the suspect(s), from the DA later trying to prosecute you for defending yourself from a threat. Follow the rules to the letter, don't take chances as the City won't back you. If they can't screw you on your regular retirement they'll screw you if you get injured. Just ask around about how the City's medical coverage for injured officers, how it prolongs having to pay for the best medical care; puts off MRI's and other diagnostic treatments because of costs. This calculated effort by the City has reduced costs, but has allowed injuries to worsen and in a couple of instances forced early medical retirements. The City is not your friend, is not honorable, and will do everything to avoid paying to provide you with the best treatment available. Be smart, be safe, be careful!

Detective Dude said...

Sparky you continue to amaze me with your wit, knowledge and understanding of the issues. I hope to see you running for elected office when you finally retire. You are what is needed to shake up this city and set things straight. Sanders is an idiot and I can't wait for your posts to see what you write. Keep it coming please. It makes my day!

Anonymous said...

You're a shining light of truth in very dismal times of untruthfulness, greed and political corruption. Stay the course and keep up good work.

Anonymous said...

Chicken Little is a perfect desciption of the mayor. I love this. He is threatening to lay off 124 police and fire personnel? What a complete idiot. If I had not seen this for myself I would never have believed it. I cannot wait to get out of this city.